Sunday, May 22, 2016

June 2 - 5: "Summer in Provence" !

Sea, sand and sun.  For our next 4-day market June 2nd-5th, help us welcome the arrival of warmth and "soleil" as we celebrate a vintage French summer!

School is almost out.  Flag Day.  Father's Day.  The 4th of July.  Patio cookouts.  Vacations.  Picnics.  The great outdoors.  Even Bastille Day.

At long last:  Summer!

Join us for Nuit Blanche on Thursday June 2nd from 5pm-8pm and share a complimentary glass of wine with us while we kick off our long-awaited summer with our "Summer in Provence" market.

The market continues Friday June 3rd from 10am-5pm, Saturday June 4th from 10am-5pm and concludes on Sunday June 5th from Noon-5pm.  We'll have just returned from our May buying trip to Provence and Paris, so we'll have lots of new treasures to delight you!

And don't forget -- "Summer in Provence" is only the first part of our two-week Summer Market Fete.  As soon as we close on the 5th, we'll be restocking the shop with new merchandise -- including more from our May buying trip to France -- for an entirely new theme and new market the following weekend -- our "Paris Apartment" home-themed market is Friday June 10 through Sunday June 12!  Give your home a touch of Paris!

Join us for a complimentary glass of wine on Thursday, June 2nd from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm as we kick off the "Summer in Provence" market with our traditional Nuit Blanche celebration!

Part One:  Our "Summer in Provence" Market Hours:

Thurs., June 2:      5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, June 3:      10am-5pm
Saturday, June 4: 10am-5pm
Sunday June 5:      Noon-5pm

Part Two:  Our "Paris Apartment" Market Hours:

(No Thursday hours on June 9th)
Friday, June 10:      10am-5pm
Saturday, June 11: 10am-5pm
Sunday June 12:     Noon-5pm

A bientot,


June 10-12: "The Paris Apartment" !

There is nothing that helps me soak in the French experience more than having our own apartment in Paris.  If only for one short week or for a long stay, having a place to "nest" and call home helps me feel as if I really am living life as a Parisian.

Just like Americans, Parisians (and the French in general) have a wide variety of tastes.  But something binds them together.  A love of the worldly, the cosmopolitan.  A flair for the eclectic.  A need for travel.  And a passion for practicality and efficiency embodied in style. 

We want to share our vision of the Paris apartments we have grown to love over the years -- please join us at Confectionique's "The Paris Apartment" Market June 10-12th, part "deux" of our two-week Summer Market Fete that starts the week before on June 2nd with our "Summer in Provence" market!

When you think of a Paris apartment you may imagine white furnishings, chandeliers and gold mirrors -- it can be these things, certainly, but a Paris apartment can also have a modern or minimalist look.  It is not unusual to find a centuries-old wardrobe next to an Eames chair, for example.  In the end, a Paris apartment is about using the elements of design in a compact space that is aesthetically beautiful, well-designed and functional.

Parisians are experts at making little spaces seem big. They do this with multi-use furniture, getting by only with what they need (most Parisians would consider art and decorative pieces a need ) and bringing this all together in a cohesive and useful manner which showcases one's individuality and -- above all -- remains stylish. After nesting in a smaller space while living in Paris, it does make me wonder if I really need so much stuff at home.

Since summer can be the time of year to begin thinking about moving into your first college apartment, fixing up the bedroom your college-bound child just vacated, or planning for the upcoming holidays, our Paris Apartment market is the perfect decorating market for you.

Our goal at the Paris Apartment market will be to have stylish yet functional furnishings, linens and decorative pieces that really give your space a sense of individuality.

We hope you will join us at the Paris Apartment market where you will feel inspired to live in style!

"The Paris Apartment" Market Hours:

(No Thursday hours on June 9th)
Friday, June 10:      10am-5pm
Saturday, June 11: 10am-5pm
Sunday June 12:     Noon-5pm

A bientot,


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Travel has it's downs . . . and Ascensions

Adam and I rushed back to the apartment time and time again with new finds from the Arles markets with our bags overflowing with treasures: metal baskets, linens, enamelware, old signs,  a couple of working old alarm clocks, and very old religious regalia...and on and on.

We could't believe our luck in finding the perfect boxes from in front of the Poste as well. They were sturdy and the a great size for mailing. We had tape, bubble wrap, a scale and now we had all the brocante....what could go wrong?

The next morning we carefully wrapped and packed both boxes, and everything fit. Oh glee! Well, if all was so perfect, we would mail them today and be on our way to Avignon a day early. We notified both landlords of our plans. How perfect. We were well on our way to smooth sailing with our first shipment. If you knew how many years of little failures we experienced over the years with the French post office with the process of packing and mailing boxes, you would understand our need to pat each other on the back.

The landlady comes by to check us out of the apartment, "Oh, you have two big boxes to mail home I see." We exchanged pleasantries, talked about the importance of today's holiday, "The Ascension" and all the festivities that will go along with this in Arles. We said our au reviors to the landlady, who gave us instructions on how to depart.

You know that scene from Home Alone where the parents get out of bed and scream "we are going to miss our plane!" We looked at each other, "A holiday in France, the Poste will be closed!" We ran out to the Poste and found it was indeed closed...on a Thursday and the French love long holidays. AAARRRGH! We did get it from two good sources; a random kind French woman standing outside the Poste and our landlady that we have a small window of opportunity to get to the Poste on Friday morning. Okay, time to adjust our plans. We ended up having to take the train to Avignon to check into our new apartment  AND stay in the one we were currently renting. Luckily my dear hubby decided to make an overlap plan "just in case" and in this case, it was the Ascension.

So, this is how travel goes, up and downs, especially when in foreign lands. You do your best to plan, read guidebooks, learn what you can about traditions. You begin to feel confident in your abilities to travel abroad until you are set back a bit on your heels and realize you have so much left to learn and may never know. Adam and I, for all our love of France and the French people and the French culture, will always be visitors.  France will always be a little bit "foreign". This can be a challenge, but it can be good too. It deepens our love of travel. This ignorant bliss encourages learning, problems solving, appreciation and increases the sense of accomplishment and adventure for us.  It deepens our love for France even more. So, were we finally able send off those boxes this morning?

a bientot, Anastasia and Adam

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Come to Paris with Us This Year!

Hosts Adam and Anastasia
A new year is time for new adventures!  Over the years, as we have prepared for our buying trips to Paris, we've been asked by many customers in a sweet, not-so-serious (but really a sort-of-serious) way... "Can you pack me in your suitcase?" We all laugh, but it also got us to thinking . . . and now you can plan on packing your own suitcase to tour the flea markets of Paris with us!

Carousel at the Eiffel Tower
In cooperation with Madison's Burkhalter Travel, we will be leading our first Paris Market Tour this year from September 13-21, 2016.  Confectionique's Paris Market Tour 2016 will offer you the opportunity to feel right at home shopping the Paris flea markets and touring the city.  You will have the opportunity to learn more about the world of the Paris flea markets by meeting friendly French dealers and having the guidance of Anastasia and Adam.  The daily morning itinerary includes venues such as the markets at Aligre, Port de Vanves and La-Motte Piquet, the Marche aux Fleurs, and the neighborhoods of Montmartre, the Marais and St. Germain.  

Flea Markets Galore!
Afternoons will be spent exploring, experiencing and partaking in the pleasures of Parisian life.  We will have time together and you will have the freedom to search for some adventure on your own!

While on the tour, you will stay at the charming, 4-star Le Littre Hotel in the center of Paris, between the mythical neighborhoods of Saint Germain des Pres and Montparnasse.  Very Parisian by nature, you will enjoy the peace and quiet, comfort, friendliness and service quality of this hotel, which has been run by the same family since 1942.  All rooms have air conditioning, complimentary Wifi, a flat-screen TV with international channels, an individual safety deposit box and a minibar.  
The Bar at Le Littre Hotel

A stone's throw from the Parisian antique dealers and art galleries, Le Littre Hotel offers a quiet, plush setting for your stay in Paris.

Ready to go?  Just email us at and we'll send you Burkhalter's full brochure with information about price, tour inclusions and tentative itinerary!

Au revoir,


Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 18-20: The Lapin Market !

Just as we promised, Spring is just around the corner!  The days are noticeably longer, it is warmer out, and the sun feels just a little bit brighter.  To celebrate the coming of Spring, Confectionique's theme for Part Two of our two-week March Market Fete "Le Lapin" -- the bunny, which we will feature from March 18-20!

What's more quintessentially Spring than visions of bunnies, chicks, and lambs?

Remember, Easter is Sunday, March 27th this year!  We'll have tons of Paques (Easter) merchandise -- let us help you fill your basket with vintage, Parisian and handmade treasures!

Join us for our "Le Lapin" market celebration!  Here comes Peter -- er, Pierre -- Cottontail!

Part Two:  "Le Lapin" Market Hours:

(No Thursday Hours on March 17)            
Friday, March 18:                   10am-5pm
Saturday, March 19:              10am-5pm
Sunday, March 20:                  Noon-5pm

a bientot!

Anastasia and Adam

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Atelier is Open in March!

Bonjour friends. Spring is approaching. Birds will begin to chirp, sprouts will appear through the snowy garden beds, and our Confectionique market will open along with its delightful Academie.  Here are the classes we will be offering for March.  We hope you can join us in Confectionique's beautiful atelier.

Petit Jardin dans un Livre  (Little garden in a book):  You will be provided with everything you need to plant this little garden -- a book, beautiful selection of succulents, mosses, appropriate soil, and pebbles. The one I made includes an antique mirror I bought at a flea market in Paris.  I will have many miniatures and old French finds that you can purchase if you desire.  All you bring is your imagination! The class will be held on Sunday March 13 and again on Friday  March 18  both from 12-2:00 with a cost of $40.00. Anastasia will be the instructor.  Limit is 4. If you would like to bring your own book and embellishments, feel free to do so! 

Papillons Galore : These graceful folded papillons (butterflies) are so sweet.  We will work together folding butterflies using vintage French books and sheet music and attach them to a tree branch.  This is a beautiful and unique organic option for spring decor that is quite meditative to make.  A delight to enjoy all season or as a beautiful addition to your Easter table.  All supplies included.   Saturday March 12, 2-4:00 and again Sunday March 20, noon-2:00.  Instructor is Anastasia. Tuition: $40.00.  Limit 4

La Vie est Belle Dans un Petit Jardin (Life is beautiful in a little garden): This little garden is planted in a vintage teacup. It even includes a key to unlock the gardens secrets. You will get to play with French book paper to make miniature butterflies and signs of spring. We will provide a vintage teacup and saucer, papers, soil, little pebbles and your choice of little critters to add to your miniature garden.  Together we will work to create a pretty little garden where life is always beautiful. You will make your own petite teacup garden come to life with live succulent, moss and your creativity!  One class only Saturday March 19, 2:00-4:00. Instructor is Anastasia. Tuition: $40.00.  Limit 4

For all the classes please message Confectionique on Facebook or send an email of interest to . We will need you to send a deposit to hold you spot. We will provide you information on how to do so in your initial inquiry. We hope to create with you at Confectionique, and to see you at our two upcoming two-week March Market Fete!

Part Two:  Our "Le LapinMarket Hours March 18-20

(No Thursday Night Hours on March 17)
Friday, March 18:         10am-5pm
Saturday, March 19:   10am-5pm
Sunday, March 20:       Noon-5pm

a bientot, 


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 10-13: "La Belle Jardinière" !

"Gardening is a folly whose goal is to provide delight."  -- Deborah Needleman.

At long last Spring has finally arrived, and we're actually beginning to believe that the warmer weather is finally on the way.  To celebrate Spring's long-awaited arrival, the theme for part one of Confectionique's two-week March Market Fete is "La Belle Jardinière" -- the beautiful gardener, which we will feature from March 10-13!

In addition to gardens and gardeners, the coming of Spring evokes all manner of flora, fauna, and the ground and air coming alive again in so many ways.  Our March market themes weave all of these together into one tapestry of garden decor and Spring delights -- with a French twist, of course!

And remember -- Mother's Day is just two months away, and we'll have a boutique full of vintage gifts from Paris.  Let us help you fill your basket with vintage, Parisian and handmade treasures!  And don't forget -- "LaBelle Jardinière" is only the first part of our two-week March Market Fete.  As soon as we close on the 13th, we'll be restocking the shop with new merchandise for an entirely new theme and new market the following weekend -- our "Le Lapin" Easter-themed market is Friday March  18 through Sunday March 20!  After all, Easter is Sunday March 27!

Join us for a complimentary glass of wine on Thursday, March 10 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm as we kick off the "La Belle Jardinière" market with our traditional Nuit Blanche celebration!

Part One:  Our "La Belle Jardinière" Market Hours March 10-13:  

Thursday, March 10:   5pm-8pm

Friday, March 11:         10am-5pm
Saturday, March 12:   10am-5pm
Sunday, March 13:       Noon-5pm

Part Two:  Our "Le Lapin" Market Hours March 18-20

(No Thursday Night Hours on March 17)
Friday, March 18:         10am-5pm
Saturday, March 19:   10am-5pm
Sunday, March 20:       Noon-5pm

a bientot,

Anastasia and Adam