Wednesday, April 1, 2020


As we promised, we have been working hard during the current emergency to open an online version
of our "Springtime in Paris" market.  Our online market is now open for business!  We want to thank all of you for your continued support during this difficult and challenging time for everyone.

You can find our online ETSY spring market by going to or   Just like our shop, our online market is divided into many sections -- we have something for everyone!

For everyone's health and safety, we can only accept payment online through the ETSY portal.  However, we can offer you a few options in terms of how you get your purchases.  We have included shipping charges on every item, so online orders involving multiple items may have seemingly high shipping charges at first.  We will charge only the actual shipping costs for the full order, and will refund to you any shipping overages once those are calculated upon shipment.

If you would rather pick up your items in our parking lot, include a message with your ETSY purchase or email us at immediately after placing your order.  We'll refund all shipping charges once you pick up your items curbside in our parking lot.  We will offer pickup in our parking lot on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 2-5 between 2pm and 5pm.  We will need to know in advance the date and time you want pick up your order as well as the color and make of your vehicle.  We will bring your order out to you in the parking lot or pop it in your trunk for you.

Finally, we will offer local delivery of furniture in the Middleton area only.  If you have personal circumstances that make it difficult for you to leave the house safely, we will deliver other items also within the Middleton area.

Once again, thank you for your support during this emergency.  We hope you all remain healthy and

a bientot,


Can-Can Carré to Premiere in Paris in 2021!

Adam and I have been working closely with our employment agent, Jean-Pierre, at Emplois - Paris on Rue Rivoli for the past year. Jean-Pierre called a couple days ago to tell us the Moulin Rouge in Paris is looking for a hard-working couple with dance/music experience to manage this famous follies venue. Luckily we had already added our significant experience with music and dance to our resumes!

Pourquoi? Apparently, Charles Zidler, the current manager of Moulin Rouge, must take several months off to take care of some family affairs back in Portugal. After a long visa approval process and all things done in triplicate (as you know the French do), we have been hired to manage the wonderfully historic entertainment venue from April 1 to September 1, 2021.

One caveat:  We need to work with a new coordinator, Joseph Oller, who wants to create a "fusion experience" at this risque venue. Monsieur Oller wants to fuse the culturally transgressive cabaret with the traditionally puritan western square dance. It will be called Le Can-Can Carré!

You have no idea what a perfect fit this is for us. We not only play the bass guitar and drums, we won the prestigious Side Steppers square dancing competition in 1996 and traveled extensively with the Side Steppers Side Show Troupe! Le ye haw, we are destined for this assignment!

Imagine pairing the allemande left with a perfect battement, the Do-Sa-Do with the port d'armes and fusing the promenade with the grand écart
Can-can Carrée will premiere in Paris next year and will be the dance of the future!

What a spectacle this is certain to be!

Da Da-Do Sa Do- Da Da- Do Sa Do-Da Da- Do Sa Do-Da Da.....

Monday, March 16, 2020

Springtime in Paris: Supporting Each Other Wherever We Can.

Bonjour dearest friends,

We recognize things are changing rather quickly. Our Springtime in Paris market is beautiful and ready to open it's doors, but alas, it appears we will not open in person at our scheduled April market unless the current crisis situation improves significantly by then.

Community needs and safety come first. If you hoped to attend our regular April Springtime in Paris market, due to the needs of our community,  -unless the issues related to the corona virus greatly improves - we won't open our physical shop, but rather move to our virtual business with a French market website we are creating.

We will open our online French market  beginning Thursday April 2 at 8:00 am and throughout our market dates (We will publish details about the online French market at a later date.).

On our online French market, we hope to feature our specialty handmade treasures, vendor creations, and French goods. We know this is not like attending our markets in person, but if you cannot visit in person and we can't be together, we sure hope you will visit us "virtually".  Details about our online French market web link will be provided in a later post (about 2 weeks from now).

Naturally, things could change even further from where they are now, they could quickly improve or get worse, but we will operate from what we currently know and understand. We will update you again should further changes be required.

Many of you have reached out to ask how you can be of support to keep our doors open. Here is what you can do for us: 1) Take good care of yourselves and loved ones, so you can return to us as customers happy and healthy. 2) Do what you can to care for your neighbors and community and purchase only what you need to ensure necessities are available for everyone. 3) Shop online, not just with us, but with any small business in ways that feel comfortable for you.  In our small effort to help others, we will also shop with local businesses and  we will donate a portion of our online proceeds to Second Harvest food bank.

We adore each and every one of you and want you all to take care of yourselves and your family first. Hey, and let's stay connected on Facebook and Instagram! We always love your ideas and input.

Merci beaucoup for all the support you give to Confectionique and to each other. Sending a virtual kiss, kiss.

Anastasia and Adam
Mary, Connie Jean, Linda, Vicki and Leigh-Anne

Monday, February 17, 2020

April 2nd-5th: "Springtime in Paris!" ONLINE ONLY MARKET


Believe it or not, by the time our next market arrives, Spring will be here!  The days will be noticeably longer, it will be warmer out, and the sun will just a little bit brighter.  To celebrate the coming of Spring, Confectionique's theme for our April market is  "Springtime in Paris", which we will feature from April 2nd-5th!

This year, we are combining our annual Easter market and our annual garden-themed market into one Spring fete!  What's more quintessentially Spring than visions of bunnies, chicks, and lambs?  The coming of Spring evokes all manner of flora, fauna and the ground and air coming alive again in so many ways, in addition to gardens and gardeners.  Our April market theme weaves all of these together into one tapestry.  We'll have a boutique full of Easter decor as well as Spring and garden delights -- all with a French twist, of course!

Easter is Sunday, April 12th this year -- we'll have tons of Paques (Easter) merchandise!  And remember -- Mother's Day (May 10th) is just a few months away, too.  We'll have a boutique full of lovely gifts from Paris -- let us help you fill your basket with vintage, Parisian and handmade treasures!

Join us for our "Springtime in Paris" market celebration!

"Springtime in Paris" Market Hours:

Thursday, April 2:             Noon-7pm            
Friday, April 3:                   10am-5pm
Saturday, April 4:              10am-5pm
Sunday, April 5:                  Noon-5pm

a bientot!


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Feb. 14-15: "Bonne Chance" 2-Day Market !

Feeling lucky?  You should, because it's your lucky week!  If you missed our February "L'Amour" market last week or just want to come back for more French treasures, we're giving you a second chance with our special 2-day good luck market (or "Le Bonne Chance Marché") this Friday Feb. 14th and Saturday Feb. 15th.  We'll be open from 10am-5pm each day so you can have a second lucky chance to enjoy our market before we close until our next regular market in April!

The idea for this special event came to me on a recent buying trip to Paris.  As I wandered single file through my favorite Parisian market, following along with the rest of the shopping herd and passing one vendor after another, my eyes could hardly focus on just one item at a time. Then I saw the most glorious old sewing basket, standing with its doors open wide.  Inside were piles and piles of old threads that were intertwined with vintage metal thimbles, needle cards, buttons and a pair of divine, intricate sewing scissors. Already, I was plotting. My hands were already filled with bag handles from other purchases along the way. I  foolishly told myself, "This late in the day, no one will buy it. I can wait and find my way back later to make that old sewing box mine!"   But, there would be no Bonne Chance pour moi and that sewing box -- it was gone when I returned!

We decided to at least offer you a second chance at something you admired, loved, or want to reconsider after thinking about it for days! Knowing we won't open again until April, here is your "Bonne Chance" to stock up on one of your French favorites or purchase a last-minute unique gift.

We can't wait to see you again!

February "Le Bonne Chance Marché" hours:

Friday Feb. 14:      10am-5pm
Saturday Feb. 15:  10am-5pm

a bientot,


Friday, January 31, 2020

Feb. 6th-9th: The "L'Amour" Market!

"Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé." (There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.). -- Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin (aka George Sand).

These words are the perfect expression of love for this time of year. For the month of February, Confectionique is all about L'amour  . . . and all that we love!  Stop by to say bonjour and to find something for your Valentine, or for yourself.  Our February market kicks off with our first La Première du Marché (Market Premiere) with new, expanded hours on Thursday, Feb. 6 from Noon-7pm. The market continues through Sunday, Feb. 9th.   Our February market this year is dedicated to the Danish concept of "hygge," or pursuing coziness and comfort with family, friends, or just by yourself!

Valentine's Day can be about more than our beloved:  we thought it would be fun to celebrate the love of our many desires, the beautiful and inspiring things in and of life, anything and everything that brings us joy.  

We can't wait to see you again when we open our doors for our new La Première du Marché (Market Premiere) on Thursday Feb. 6 from Noon-7pm.  Stop by to celebrate whatever you love in your life and help us start our eleventh year of Confectionique. . . we'll celebrate with you!

Won't you join us?  If you can, please RSVP and let us know you are coming by joining our Facebook event here.  Merci!

Confectionique's February "L'Amour" market hours:

Thursday, February 6:   Noon-7pm
Friday, February 7:        10am-5pm
Saturday, February 8:   10am-5pm
Sunday, February 9:      Noon-5pm

a bientot,


Sunday, January 5, 2020

A New Year Begins Again at Confectionique!

Are you ready for 2020 at Confectionique?  We have a wonderful group of truly creative women who have brought treasures each market with excitement and enthusiasm since our doors first opened ten years ago. We have a wonderful landlord and friends at the airport, a glorious space to help make all our creative dreams come true, and we have all of you -- our loyal friends and customers.

Some of you we see each market, some every few markets and some only for specific markets. We have so enjoyed seeing the happy faces of our established customers and the new ones that continue to find us one way or another.

Some of you have traveled along with us to Paris and to Provence, and all of you have encouraged us every step of the way as we move in other creative directions. For all this, and so much more, we are so very grateful and simply couldn't imagine something else more fun than opening our doors to you at Confectionique!

But, to avoid dullness and complacency, we decided it was time to shake things up a bit for 2020 at Confectionique.  In order to relieve overcrowding on Thursday nights, we have decided to "retire" our usual Nuit Blanche Thursday night market openings and replace them with a Thursday La Première du Marché (Market Premiere) with expanded hours from Noon-7pm on the Thursday of each regular market.  That's an extra four hours to shop our Thursday market openings!

We are also introducing a new market schedule -- we will kick off the year with our Valentine's themed market Feb. 6th-9th.  Our April market -- our "Springtime in Paris" market April 2-5 -- will combine both our annual Easter-themed market with our annual spring and garden market for one festive welcome for warmer weather!  In June we'll host our annual "Summer in Provence" vintage market, and August will be "The Paris Apartment" -- our annual home or maison market with delightful yet affordable luxury items from France.  Then we'll be ready to cap off the year with  2020's Les Fetes de NoelThe Feasting (November, focused on holiday decorating and entertaining) and The Giving (December, focused on holiday gifting)!

We hope to see you at our Valentine's-themed "L'Amour" market Feb. 6th-9th.  We certainly want you along for the ride in 2020!  If you still need our 2020 market card, email us at -- all we need is your name and mailing address and we'll pop one in the mail for you!

Confectionique's February "L'Amour" market hours:

Thursday, February 6:    Noon-7pm
Friday, February 7:         10am-5pm
Saturday, February 8:    10am-5pm
Sunday, February 9:       Noon-5pm

Bonne Annee,