Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet Our Special Guests Nov. 6 at Nuit Blanche!

Many of you who have attended Confectionique's events over the years are well aware of the uniqueness that is our Nuit Blanche Thursday night openings: the evening shopping, the delightful friendship and frivolity -- not to mention the complimentary wine!  During our 2014 "Les Trois Fêtes" year-end holiday festivals, Nuit Blanche is also our nuit premier and our opportunity to include even more festivities! On Thursday Nov. 6 from 5pm-8pm, in addition to opening our doors to premiere our November market, "The Holiday Home", we will be showcasing two local companies and the wonderful creators behind them.

Award-winning and made fresh to order, Qēt Botanicals was born out of the need for fresh and effective care for our face, body, and hair - without the use of toxins, synthetics, or harmful chemicals or preservatives. The wonderful people at Qēt aren’t beauty brokers; they're formulators and purveyors of premium, personal care products. They hand-craft their 100% natural formulas without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. In products that we use every day, there’s no place for anything other than what is proven to be effective, safe, and the best that nature can provide. All of Qēt’s products are proudly formulated, manufactured, filled, and shipped from Cross Plains, Wisconsin.  You must experience Qēt Botanicals to appreciate the beauty of these products!

Lumen Electronic Jewelry is the mad-scientist project of siblings and fourth-generation mechanical engineers Robin and Marty Lawson.  They custom design circuit boards to create distinctive, twinkling LED jewelry -- powered by the sun!  Lumen blurs the line between geek and art, creating TechnoFashion for the geek in you.  This jewelry is a must-see to truly appreciate the amazing level of science, art and creativity that goes into every unique piece!

We hope you will make time to see these wonderful artists at our next Nuit Blanche on Nov. 6. Remember to RSVP here to reserve your spot!

November "The Holiday Home" Market Hours:

Thursday, Nov. 6:          5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, Nov. 7:                10am-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 8:           10am-5pm
Sunday, Nov. 9:              Noon-5pm

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

November: The Holiday Home!

When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, for the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home! -- "Home for the Holidays"

We love to travel to Paris in September, after the summer heat but before what Hemingway called the bad weather that "would come in one day when the fall was over."  When we return home from Paris, the change of seasons is usually underway here also.  Autumn is now in full swing in Wisconsin, with orange and yellow leaves and crisp, cool days.  Our hearts and minds turn to the coming holiday season.  Some long for the coziness of a wood burning stove, others for a snowshoe hike after fresh snowfall, or reading a good book next to a roaring fireplace, baking your grandmother's banana nut bread, the coming of Thanksgiving and -- not long after that -- Old Man Winter. It is especially this time of year that we may long for comfort and coziness the most!

We hope to create a sense of warmth and bundle you up in joy at our next market, "The Holiday Home", the second of our 2014 "Les Trois Fêtes" year-end holiday festivals -- The Feasting!  We'll have tons of home decorations for the holiday season, including Christmas, as well as treasures and gift ideas from our most recent buying trip to Paris.  We want you to feel as though you can come and stay as long as you please, as if  you are being hugged by beauty and find happiness around every corner.  And maybe you will find a little something for your precious, cozy home.

A special note:  For Nuit Blanche on Thursday, Nov. 6 from 5pm-8pm, we'll be featuring two very special guests in the lobby!

No matter how far away you roam . . . there's no place like home for the holidays!

November "The Holiday Home" Market Hours:

Thursday, Nov. 6:          5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, Nov. 7:                10am-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 8:           10am-5pm
Sunday, Nov. 9:              Noon-5pm

Au revoir,


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

October: Midnight in (Spooky) Paris !

Paris is haunted.

No doubt -- there are spooks in the air in certain Paris haunts.

Don't believe me?  Then spend some time in the Paris Catacombs. This deep underground cave devoted to the bones of the dead is certain to make you believe in all things ghostly. How about Pere Lachaise cemetery? The cobblestone walkways between the ancient graves sometimes feel that they will cave under your feet. And what about some of the crypts that are no longer completely sealed? I dare you to peek inside one of them on a cold, crisp autumn night.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit Paris with my hubby Adam is to wander the narrow cobblestone streets of the oldest parts of the City of Light late at night and breathe in the history and romance of this ancient place.  Sometimes it's really quite creepy to look up at the dark, imposing shadows of the Concierge, where Marie Antoinette spent her last days imprisoned before meeting her sad fate . . . Even the river Seine has a certain eeriness about it when the wind is blowing and you can only hear the faint sounds of traffic above and the rippling water below.

Confectionique's October "Midnight in (Spooky) Paris" market is where the City of Light meets the darkness.  It's the first of our 2014 "Les Trois Fêtes" year-end holiday festivals at Confectionique!

What scares you? At Confectionique, we will do our best to creep you out just a little bit -- but with Paris style, naturally!

I hope you will join us on Thursday, October 9 from 5:00pm-8:00pm for Nuit Blanche and help us kick off our "Midnight in (Spooky) Paris" market!  Enjoy a complimentary glass of (blood-red) wine while we celebrate all things Paris, and all things Halloweenish . . .

October "Haunted Paris" Market Hours:

Thursday, Oct. 9:            5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, Oct. 10:                 10am-5pm
Saturday, Oct. 11:            10am-5pm
Sunday, Oct. 12:                Noon-5pm

Au revoir,


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Custom of the Cadeau

The Cadeau
For years we have shopped many a flea market in Paris, and one thing we have experienced time and again is the appreciative French vendor wishing to give us a cadeau - a small gift - as a show of appreciation for giving them our business. Over the years, these gracious gifts have ranged from extra meters of ribbon, extra handful of buttons, a few extra spoons, old linens or even just a little something the vendor chooses for us - often something we were considering but that would have put us a little over budget. Our dear friends Valerie and Jean-Marc tell us this gesture is "normal" as they smile at us. It is quite "normal" indeed and such an unexpected show of appreciation.

 This past week we purchased many items from an older gentleman in Paris we have not worked with before. He had so many little flea market gems that we ended up with a large purchase. He carefully packed up our things. We happily paid and moved on. The next thing we know this kindly man is running across the market; "Madame and Monsieur, sil vous plait!" We turned around and breathlessly he handed us this wooden elephant head. He smiled broadly, "Cadeau pour vous," he said as he handed it to us. We expressed many a merci as he nodded, shaking our hands. We tucked the critter in our bag. Now, it was not normally something we would pick or anything that we had looked at, but when a gift comes from the heart, it's truly meaningful.

At Confectionique, we like to keep in mind the spirit of the French cadeau. We like to give little gifts (our famous fancy chip clips for example), complimentary wine during our Nuit Blanche, or something special for someone celebrating their birthday. However, we know we get cadeau from each of you who take the time to visit our little market. Your time and support of Confectionique is truly one of the best gifts of all!

We hope you will visit us again at our next market Oct. 9-12.

October "The Haunting:  Midnight in (Spooky) Paris" Market Hours:

Thursday, Oct. 9:            5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, Oct. 10:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, Oct. 11:            10am-4pm
Sunday, Oct. 12:                Noon-4pm

Merci and a bientot,


Monday, September 8, 2014

Confectionique's Académie Classes for Les Trois Fêtes: October's "The Haunting" Market

Bonjour friends -- we are pleased to present the first part of our Confectionique Académie schedule for our "Les Trois Fêtes" (the three festivals) year-end holiday markets!  Space is limited and these classes tend to be quite popular, so we do suggest you send your deposit and register as quickly as you can. We look forward to seeing you, creating with you and celebrating the upcoming "Trois Fêtes" with you!

Here are our classes for our October market: The Haunting -- "Midnight in (Spooky) Paris"

Altered Arts Treasure Box/ Instructor: Vicki
Friday October 10: 2-4:00pm and
Sunday October 12: 1-3:00 (offered twice)

Altered Arts
Here is your opportunity to play with a variety of media: paints, inks, stamps, embellishments and paper ephemera. Vicki will guide you through the process of combining layers of materials to create a truly one-of-a-kind mini-masterpiece. All supplies included: however, if you have a memento you wish to include, bring it along!  (Also, we'll have lots of wonderful, vintage French ephemera and embellishments available for purchase, if you like!)  $40.00 tuition; $10.00 Deposit required to hold spot

Zombie Bébé (Zombie Baby)/Instructor: Connie Jean
Saturday October 11: 10-Noon

Want to creep out others this Halloween? Do you love "Les Morts-Vivants" (The Walking Dead)?  Why not  have Connie Jean show you how to take an ordinary plastic doll and morph it into something truly spooky! All supplies included.  $40.00 tuition/$10.00 Deposit required to hold spot

Saturday October 11: 2-5:00
 Flirting with Paint
Flirting with Paints/ Instructor: Anastasia
Have you ever wanted to learn the basics with the new DIY craze of chalk, clay mineral and milk paints? Here is your chance to experience the process and get hands on learning in an unbiased and supportive setting. All supplies included.  $60.00  tuition/$20.00 Deposit required to hold spot

* To join in the fun just messsage us on Facebook or send us an email at  If we still have space we will provide you with information on submitting your deposit.

Merci Beaucoup,

Anastasia and the creative gals at Confectionique!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Next: "Les Trois Fêtes!"

Now that summer is winding down and our "Paris Apartment" market is behind us, we are excited to tell you what's next for Confectionique!  After hosting markets on the second weekend of every other month for most of 2014, starting in October we'll be going monthly for the rest of the year.

We are delighted to present "Les Trois Fêtes" (the three festivals) of Confectionique!

October:  The Haunting, la première fête, is our annual Halloween market from Oct. 9th-12th -- this year's theme is "Midnight
in (Spooky) Paris!"

November:  The Feasting, la deuxième fête, will be our annual celebration of holiday gathering from Nov. 6th-9th, this year with the theme "The Holiday Home."

December:  The Giving, la troisième fête, is our annual celebration of holiday gifting from Dec. 11-14, and this year's theme is "Holidays in Paris!"

In conjunction with each of these three year-end festivals, we'll be having special events and treats for you, as well as our usual Confectionique Académie classes -- stay tuned for more information!  We hope you will plan to join us for these three very festive markets!

November "The Holiday Home" Market Hours:

Thursday, Nov. 6:          5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, Nov. 7:                10am-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 8:           10am-5pm
Sunday, Nov. 9:              Noon-5pm

Au revoir,


Thursday, August 21, 2014

October "Flirting with Paints" Class!

Chalk . . . clay . . . mineral or milk – many competing “shabby chic” decorative furniture paints are marketed by various brands like Annie Sloan, American Paint Co., CeCe Caldwell, Miss Mustard Seed, and the Real Milk Paint® Co.  They all vary in available color palette, composition, application, ease of storage and somewhat in cost. They each have wonderful (if differing) qualities and are all quite fun to work with, but you should know more about each one before you open your wallet or drag grandma's old sideboard out of the basement!
Want to experiment with several different types and brands before making a potentially expensive commitment to just one paint? Find your perfect match by flirting with at least four major paint brands first!  Anastasia has been creating with the major brands currently available, and is willing to show you the beginning ropes during her Flirting with Paints™ survey class.

You’ll get a hands-on experience working with each paint, as well as a rundown on each paint’s qualities, so you can make an informed decision.  We’ll even refer you to friendly and reputable vendors who sell these dandy paints and who offer further instruction if you are interested!  

Because Confectionique chooses not to sell any paint and is not under contract with any paint manufacturer or corporation, Anastasia will give you her unbiased experience with the pluses and minuses of each paint – we have no vested interest in steering you toward any particular brand or selling you paint!  Normally, it could cost someone several hundred dollars in paint and duplicative classes to try even just a few of the major types or brands of paint.  Anastasia’s Flirting with Paints™ class is an affordable and impartial introduction to this exciting and creative craft!

The class will be held every market Saturday from 2pm-5pm -- the next class is Saturday October 11 during our upcoming "Midnight in (Spooky) Paris" Halloween market.  Due to popular demand, space is very limited, so get your reservation in early! A $20 deposit is required to hold your spot.*

Tuition is $60.00 for this 3-hour class and we only have a few spaces available!  All supplies are included and light beverages will be served.  Interested? Give us a wink and a nod by messaging us on Facebook or email us at  !

Be sure to watch Facebook or your email for updates on other Confectionique Académie classes!

*If the class is cancelled for any reason by Confectionique, the deposit will be refunded.  If a registrant cancels, the deposit can be applied to a future class.