Confectionique wouldn't be the delightfully-sweet place it is without our partenaires créatifs (creative partners). Since so many of our customers have appreciated and purchased the handiwork of our crafty girlfriends over the past 8 years. These ladies create according to our market themes. Many of you come to Confectionique with a favorite crafter/artist in mind and you know their tags and their signature works by heart and this warms our heart. Here they are, the wonderful ladies of Confectionique:

Linda :  Our friend Linda specializes in being crafty, and she has been at it a long time (She thinks since about 1958!). If you want to see crafting perfection, than you need to meet Linda. "When Pigz Fly" is the name of her small business. The name is so her too, given Linda is so much fun! Those of you who love and appreciate her talents know that no one can put layers of vintage paper, lace, mosaics and ephemera, embellishments, glitter and beads in as many creative ways like Linda. She has a busy life with her newest grandchildren and stocking her booth in Wisconsin Dells, but thankfully, she still has time to make lovely treasures for the customers of Confectionique!

Connie Jean:  Oh we do love our ever-enthusiastic Connie Jean, she has been crafting ever since she can remember! An adventurous lady and librarian by day, by night she's crafting away and is often Adam's side kick at our market Thursday evenings writing up sales tickets. And, we're pretty sure there is no-one who can make a banner quite like Connie Jean. Each market we have many customers who come specifically looking for her banners, glittered treasures and fun vintage finds! She is known to have her hubby help her haul in a pretty terrific piece or two and she is always so willing to lend a helping hand. She has most recently been drawing for inspiration. We are so very happy to have Connie Jean at Confectionique!

Leigh-Anne:  Also known as Fancy-Leigh. Her Southern charm and sense of humor will melt your heart! She loves working with fabrics and learned to sew with her grandmother on an old Singer Featherweight when she was a child. Leigh-Ann is amazing with a sewing machine; making anything from aprons to pillows to funky-fun sweater pets. She has also made beautiful and creative jewelry out of washi tape, leather and yarn. She loves the look and feel of mid-century era styles as well as more modern designs and fabrics. We so appreciate the time she finds creating for our Confectionique customers given she's a very busy nurse and college student.

Vicki:  She calls herself "A Jack of all trades, master of none," but no one can bend wire, work with mixed media, or fold paper like our Vicki! Her creative beginnings started at 6 years old when she was given a box of 100 Crayola crayons!  She is our retired middle school art teacher who brings her talents to Confectionqiue each and every market. She loves to experiment with new ideas and art media. If you see an original watercolor, sketch, or drawing, chances are it was done by our art teacher extraordinaire! We are so happy to have you at Confectionique Vicki, your talents are endless!

Mary: Miss Mary is simply one of the most kind and supportive people you will meet. You are likely to see her working away at Confectionique during Nuit Blanche. There are so many of you who love her handmade washclothes- many customers returning for more! She enjoys sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrap-booking, stamping and painting. Someday she hopes to add rug weaving to her talents. Mary also does wonderful work with clay and microscope slides are always fun! She is so proud and feels most blessed by her family. She is the mother of 5 beautiful daughters and many grandchildren! We just love our Mary and are beyond happy that she has been with Confectionique all these years!

So, now you know! We have an amazing group of talented women who help bring you a beautiful Confectionique market every time we open our doors! What else can we say except we are the luckiest Confectioniuqe in the world!

Anastasia and Adam

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