Monday, September 12, 2022

Nov. 3rd-6th: Home for the Holidays!

 When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, for the holidays, you can't beat home sweet home! -- "Home for the Holidays"

We love to travel to Paris in September, after the summer heat but before what Ernest Hemingway called the bad weather that "would come in one day when the fall was over."  When we return home from Paris, the change of seasons is usually underway here also.  Autumn will soon be in full swing in Wisconsin, with orange and yellow leaves and crisp, cool days. Our hearts and minds turn to the coming holiday season.  Some long for the coziness of a wood burning stove, others for a snowshoe hike after fresh snowfall, or reading a good book next to a roaring fireplace, baking your grandmother's banana nut bread, the coming of Thanksgiving and -- not long after that -- Old Man Winter. It is especially this time of year that we may long for comfort and coziness the most!

We hope to create a sense of warmth and bundle you up in joy at our next market Nov. 3rd-6th. Our "Home for the Holidays" market is the first of our 2022 "Les Fêtes de Noël" year-end holiday festivals! We'll have home decorations for the holiday season, including Christmas, as well as treasures and lots of gift ideas from Paris and elsewhere in France.  We want you to feel as though you can come and stay as long as you please, as if  you are being hugged by beauty and find happiness around every corner.  And maybe you will find a little something for your precious, cozy home.

No matter how far away you roam . . . there's no place like home for the holidays!

"Home for the Holidays" Market Hours:

Thursday, Nov. 3:          12pm-6pm
Friday, Nov. 4:               10am-5pm
Saturday, Nov. 5:           10am-5pm
Sunday, Nov. 6:             Noon-4pm

a bientot,


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