Thursday, December 24, 2020

Jan. 14-17: The "Bon Hiver" Market!

Yes, it's cold outside, but warm hearts make for a cozy life!  That's the theme for our January "Bon Hiver" (Good Winter) market, starting at Noon on Thursday January 14 and continuing through Sunday January 17.  Click here to reserve your spot! As always, our January market is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for your safety.

January and the New Year is a time for epiphanies, for renewal, for comfort and creativity.  Think about what brings you comfort and enhances your creativity, and stop in to say bonjour and Bonne Annee . . .

**To attend this market, you MUST the following link to schedule a day and time to attend.  To sign up, click on following link, check the box next to the time and day you want to attend, then click "Submit and Sign Up" at bottom of the page and fill in your contact info.  LINK FOR SCHEDULING:  

**To comply with local health regulations, you must wear a face mask in Confectionique until further notice.**

**Please remember to reserve a spot online at this link here.  Also, please remember that we have moved Confectionique to our new store location at 4201 Monona Drive, Monona.** 

January "Bon Hiver" (Good Winter) Market Hours:                             

Thursday, January 14:              Noon-6pm               
Friday, January 15:                    10am-4pm
Saturday, January 16:               10am-4pm
Sunday, January 17:                  Noon-3pm

Bonne Annee and a bientot,


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