Monday, August 17, 2020

Sept. 10-13: "Bonne Chance" 4-Day Market!

We were so delighted with the response to our inaugural market  at our new store location at 4201 Monona Drive that we've added a September market to our schedule!

If you missed our August "Bonjour, Again!" market or just want to come back for more French treasures, we're giving you a second chance with our special 4-day good luck market (or "Le Bonne Chance Marché") starting Thursday Sept. 10 through Sunday Sept. 13th.  We'll be open (by appointment only) each day so you can have a second lucky chance to enjoy our market before we close until our next market in October!

**To attend this market, you MUST the following link to schedule a day and time to attend.  To sign up, click on following link, check the box next to the time and day you want to attend, then click "Submit and Sign Up" at bottom of the page and fill in your contact info.  LINK FOR SCHEDULING:**

**To comply with local health regulations, you must wear a face mask in Confectionique until further notice.**

**Please remember to reserve a spot online at this link here.  Also, please remember that we have moved Confectionique to our new store location at 4201 Monona Drive, Monona.** 

We decided to at least offer you a second chance at something you admired, loved, or want to reconsider after thinking about it for days! Knowing we won't open again until October, here is your "Bonne Chance" to stock up on one of your French favorites or purchase a last-minute unique gift.

We can't wait to see you again!

September "Le Bonne Chance Marché" hours:

Thursday Sept. 10:  10am-4pm
Friday Sept. 11:        10am-4pm
Saturday Sept. 12:   10am-4pm
Sunday Sept. 13:      Noon-3pm

a bientot,



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