Friday, June 26, 2020

It's not goodbye just au revior!

On the eve of packing up the final box, cleaning and handing in the keys to the large space at 8300 Airport Road in Middleton, I find myself reflecting upon the last 10 years.

Look for Ms.Eiffel in Monona!
Remarkably, I am not sad about leaving this space, although I am sad to say goodbye to Randy, the airport folks and the Morey family, but I am not at all sad about packing up the last box.

Crafty Girlfriends!
I realize Confectionique has been a experiment in creativity and a connection to community and to a beloved country 4,143 miles away. This concept could exist anywhere and for the next chapter of Confectionique, this creativity and connection will be in Monona -4201 Monona Drive to be exact.

I would like to thank all those at the airport; my original crafting sister, Jessica; my crafty girlfriends: Connie Jean, Leigh-Anne, Vicki, Linda, Mary and Christi to whom this move would not have happened so quickly. These women are phenomenal both in character and talents. I wish to thank my family for all their love and support and my ever-supportive husband, Adam. I could never begin to tell you the long nights he spent helping me, the packing and unpacking of the van, helping me price and organize. And every dream I have had or wanted, he has found a way to make happen.  Finally, and most importantly, I would also like to say a big MERCI beaucoup to all of you...our friends and customers.... who have been there for us for 1 market or 100 markets! Your kindness, encouragement and support all these years has meant so much and all of you have helped us stay afloat all these years.

My sweet Adam
I do hope you will come visit Confectionique in her new location, all pretty and inspired by years of travel to Paris and France. I sincerely hope you will again enjoy experiencing the creativity of both Confectionique's new home and the talents of the creatives who come from far and wide with unique and beautiful products to share with you. I also hope you will again feel a connection to Confectionique and an affinity for France with all the beauty and treasures offered by this glorious country.

A'bientot friends,

au revoir Morey Airport

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