Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Can-Can Carré to Premiere in Paris in 2021!

Adam and I have been working closely with our employment agent, Jean-Pierre, at Emplois - Paris on Rue Rivoli for the past year. Jean-Pierre called a couple days ago to tell us the Moulin Rouge in Paris is looking for a hard-working couple with dance/music experience to manage this famous follies venue. Luckily we had already added our significant experience with music and dance to our resumes!

Pourquoi? Apparently, Charles Zidler, the current manager of Moulin Rouge, must take several months off to take care of some family affairs back in Portugal. After a long visa approval process and all things done in triplicate (as you know the French do), we have been hired to manage the wonderfully historic entertainment venue from April 1 to September 1, 2021.

One caveat:  We need to work with a new coordinator, Joseph Oller, who wants to create a "fusion experience" at this risque venue. Monsieur Oller wants to fuse the culturally transgressive cabaret with the traditionally puritan western square dance. It will be called Le Can-Can Carré!

You have no idea what a perfect fit this is for us. We not only play the bass guitar and drums, we won the prestigious Side Steppers square dancing competition in 1996 and traveled extensively with the Side Steppers Side Show Troupe! Le ye haw, we are destined for this assignment!

Imagine pairing the allemande left with a perfect battement, the Do-Sa-Do with the port d'armes and fusing the promenade with the grand écart
Can-can Carrée will premiere in Paris next year and will be the dance of the future!

What a spectacle this is certain to be!

Da Da-Do Sa Do- Da Da- Do Sa Do-Da Da- Do Sa Do-Da Da.....

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