Monday, April 1, 2019

So, we bought a plane!

Our new ride landing at the airport in Middleton!
Bonjour friends, we are so excited to extend to you an unimaginable experience like nothing we have offered before: Introducing  Air Confectionique!

Just imagine flying direct to France in a first-class cabin from a local airport. Fasten your seat belts, folks, because Confectionique will now whisk you away on a one-way flight to Paris right from the Morey Middleton Airport, where Confectionique is located.

In the old days . . . 
Confectionique was able to purchase an old 1960s-era decommissioned Air France Convair 880 jetliner off Ebay.  Although initially in considerable disrepair, thanks to the help of several airplane mechanics on the premises here,  this aging beauty of the early jet age has been completely restored to its former glory and updated with luxurious seating that converts into a glorious pillow-top bed to help you slumber your way to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Our friendly TSA agent awaits you
And no more long TSA lines. We were able contract to temporarily hire one TSA agent and one passport agent who won't ask you to remove your shoes or belt -- au contraire! Rather, our agents will pass your bag through a simple x-ray machine,  check your passport, and hand you a glass of champagne.  And don't worry about the new visa requirements you may have heard about for Americans travelling to Europe -- they've been waived just for you!

Unbelievable luxury!
This Convair 880 is a luxurious, swanky pod of joy whose sole purpose will be to get you to the City of Light as quickly and comfortably as possible.  Not only outfitted with superb seating, excessive leg room and luxury bedding, we also hired a chef to offer the best in in-flight gastronomy with fresh French-to-table ingredients. You will be offered an array of French wines, a lavish in-flight bar with live music and a personal 32-inch flat-screen TV with complimentary cable.
Not sure how you'll get home?

There is one catch:  to keep the ticket prices reasonably affordable, we can only purchase enough fuel for a one-way flight.  We can get you there, but not sure how you will get home. Perhaps you will never want to come home!

Our beautiful Convair 880 will be on display on the tarmac outside our shop during our upcoming market this weekend.  Come check it out!

Air Confectionique is here to meet your every need! (Well, almost any need, except for coming back home.)  Come fly the bluest skies with us -- but hurry, given all the amenities on this aircraft, we only have room for 10 paying passengers!

A bientot!

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