Monday, April 23, 2018

April 27-28: "Bonne Chance" Market!

Feeling lucky?  You should, because it's your lucky week -- if you missed our spring- and garden-themed market last week or just want to come back for more spring cheer, we're giving you a second chance with our special 2-day good luck market (or "Le Marché de la Bonne Chance") this Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th.  We'll be open from 10am-5pm each day so you can have a second lucky chance to enjoy our market before we close until June!

The idea for this special event came to me on a recent buying trip to Paris.  As I wandered single file through my favorite Parisian market, following along with the rest of the shopping herd and passing one vendor after another, my eyes could hardly focus on just one item at a time. Then I saw the most glorious old sewing basket, standing with its doors open wide.  Inside were piles and piles of old threads that were intertwined with vintage metal thimbles, needle cards, buttons and a pair of divine, intricate sewing scissors. Already, I was plotting. My hands were already filled with bag handles from other purchases along the way. I  foolishly told myself, "This late in the day, no one will buy it. I can wait and find my way back later to make that old sewing box mine!"   But, there would be no Bonne Chance pour moi and that sewing box -- it was gone when I returned!

We decided to at least offer you a second chance at something you admired, loved, or want to reconsider after thinking about it for days! Knowing we won't open again in June, here is your Bonne Chance  to stock up on one of your French favorites or purchase a last-minute unique gift.

And don't forget your Mama -- the Fête des Mères (Mother's Day) is Sunday May 11!  After all, if you can't take your Mom to Paris for Mother's Day, bring a little Paris to her!

We can't wait to see you again!

April "Le Marché de la Bonne Chance" hours:

Friday April 27:      10am-5pm
Saturday April 28:  10am-5pm

a bientot,


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