Saturday, April 1, 2017

Côtes du Korbitz to Uncork!

The time is almost here. In a couple of weeks, all the trees, shrubs, plants and furniture will be removed from the backyard of our suburban home, and taking their place will be vines to produce one of the oldest grapes in the world, the Carignan -- and a number of other bespoke grape varietals imported from France: Braquet, Calitor, Folle and Tibouren.
Our Dream-to-Be!
It took a great deal of planning, consulting, designing and permission, but we are finally near completing plans for our very own winery. Since we will be having water imported from the Rhone river valley, we decided to name our first vintage Côtes du Korbitz!

Before we plant, however, mounds of dirt will need to be delivered. Our dream is to have a hillside crop, much like the one we enjoy in Montmartre, in Paris. We realize our neighbors may be a little annoyed to look out their widows only to find they no longer have a view of the neighborhood park, but perhaps knowing we are in the midst of producing fine wine will help control their wrath.
Artist Rendering of Future Vineyard
Our backyard winery idea came to us more than two years ago as we were sitting in the sweltering sun in Caseneuve, a glorious little village that looks down upon the Luberon, sipping the most delicious rose wine. We realized we never get enough authentic Provencal rose at home, so why not make our own? We know many folks just buy supplies and set up a makeshift winery in their basement, but what we needed were the grapes from Provence itself. Plus, when we can't be in France, we would like to look out at our hillside vineyard and at least feel we are there.
We are traveling to Provence again in September and will be taking classes on how to build underground storage bunker for our barrels, how to crush our harvest by only using our feet and how to cork a bottle without the benefit of automation.
C'est une blague!

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