Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017 Wine Appreciation Classes

Bonjour friends --  the Confectionique académie is finally open for 2017 !

We are excited to announce a wonderful selection of five wine appreciation classes for this year. All the classes will be held at Confectionique and will be taught by sommeliers Dylan and Kelsie.  Dylan is a level one "somm" and Kelsie is working toward her level one.

 Join in the fun and learn more from Dylan and Kelsie about how they train to become a sommelier and how you can learn to enjoy all aspects of wine, including history and types. You will also develop tasting skill and will learn to select the best wine for your enjoyment or event.  Each class is limited to seven invited guests.

The class is free to those 21 and over and will be a closed, invitation-only special event to be held at closing time at Confectionique’s on Sundays from 5-7 pm. Since this is a completely free offering, it would be appreciated if you requested to attend only one of the classes we provide to ensure everyone has at least one chance to participate. If this proves to be popular, we will come up with a larger venue, but for now, we will have all wine appreciation classes at Confectionique. 

Finally, this is a first-come, first-serve class. We will accept private messages through our Facebook page requesting an invitation. We will fill the first 7 spots and will keep a waiting list.  PLEASE, IF YOU ASK FOR AN INVITATION, PLEASE BE SURE TO ATTEND.  It would not be kind to those who wanted to attend, but were told the class was full.   A 72 hour notice of cancellation would allow us to fill the spot with another student. Merci beaucoup!

Here is the first class:

Learning to Love Wine: A step-by-step introductory class on the art and science of tasting and enjoying the complexities of both red and white wines. 6 different wines will be taught, discussed and experienced. This class will be held on Sunday February 12, 5-7 pm.

We are not yet taking names for future classes, but this is what will be offered:

April: White Wine Seminar: Forget the Grigio!  Instead, we'll explore Chablis and more.
June: Discovering the French Rose’ and Sparkling Wines: The options are endless.
August: The Wines of Provence: The love of the Luberon!
October: Dessert Wines: They are more complex than you think!

Join us at Confectionique and let’s toast to experiencing wine together!

a bientot,


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