Friday, April 1, 2016

A Monetary Change . . .

For the last six years, we at Confectionique have tried to bring some of the French market experience to our customers:  the treasures, language, photography, a large blinking Eiffel Tower and now a Paris market tour.

The only part of our plan that has not yet come to fruition was actually conducting business in the currency of France, the Euro.  So we are very excited to announce that beginning in January 2017 we will be accepting only Euros at our Confectionique store in Middleton.  Leave your American dollars at home, because they won't be any good at Confectionique any longer!

There is no more enjoyable way to purchase from another country than by using it's established currency. What fun it will be to be able to shop at Confectionique this way too!

We realize a major barrier to our plan is that you probably don't carry around Euros.  Don't worry, we will have a BNP "paribot"  ATM in the lobby that will happily take your ATM card and give you Euros. (Merci beaucoup to Jean, our BNP banker friend from Paris!)

Now you can shop as close to a French flea market in just about every way possible!

Cha ching!

Happy April Fool's Day!


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