Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 10-13: "La Belle Jardinière" !

"Gardening is a folly whose goal is to provide delight."  -- Deborah Needleman.

At long last Spring has finally arrived, and we're actually beginning to believe that the warmer weather is finally on the way.  To celebrate Spring's long-awaited arrival, the theme for part one of Confectionique's two-week March Market Fete is "La Belle Jardinière" -- the beautiful gardener, which we will feature from March 10-13!

In addition to gardens and gardeners, the coming of Spring evokes all manner of flora, fauna, and the ground and air coming alive again in so many ways.  Our March market themes weave all of these together into one tapestry of garden decor and Spring delights -- with a French twist, of course!

And remember -- Mother's Day is just two months away, and we'll have a boutique full of vintage gifts from Paris.  Let us help you fill your basket with vintage, Parisian and handmade treasures!  And don't forget -- "LaBelle Jardinière" is only the first part of our two-week March Market Fete.  As soon as we close on the 13th, we'll be restocking the shop with new merchandise for an entirely new theme and new market the following weekend -- our "Le Lapin" Easter-themed market is Friday March  18 through Sunday March 20!  After all, Easter is Sunday March 27!

Join us for a complimentary glass of wine on Thursday, March 10 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm as we kick off the "La Belle Jardinière" market with our traditional Nuit Blanche celebration!

Part One:  Our "La Belle Jardinière" Market Hours March 10-13:  

Thursday, March 10:   5pm-8pm

Friday, March 11:         10am-5pm
Saturday, March 12:   10am-5pm
Sunday, March 13:       Noon-5pm

Part Two:  Our "Le Lapin" Market Hours March 18-20

(No Thursday Night Hours on March 17)
Friday, March 18:         10am-5pm
Saturday, March 19:   10am-5pm
Sunday, March 20:       Noon-5pm

a bientot,

Anastasia and Adam

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