Saturday, January 24, 2015

January's Restless Atelier, Fini!

When I finally sat down to read the directions, my first thought was "uh oh." I asked my daughter if I could bring the book and my supplies to her house, because after reading the first few lines I was already confused. I didn't have any idea how to transfer patterns onto fabric to stitch them. I use iron-ons, or I embroider free-handed.

When I arrived at Rosie's house,  I opened the book and pointed to the page. "See, it only tells you to transfer the pattern, but it doesn't tell you how to do it," I complained, exasperated. "Mom," she said kindly, "Did you look at the beginning of the book? This is where the author provides you with all the information about techniques." Sheepishly,  I said no, I did not look at the beginning of the book -- I didn't even think to do that.

So we built a light box, and . . .  ta dah! I was able to trace the patterns and stitch them. This is all going to go so much easier, I thought to myself.  Following directions is fun!

Until the next paragraph.

I can tell already that my biggest challenge is going to be following directions. I enjoyed the process of making this caddy -- once I stopped reading the directions. I did my own thing after paragraph two.   I know  -- this sort of defeats the whole purpose of my year-long journey.

So, what would my 8th-grade Home Economics teacher have given me as a grade for my sewing project? I am certain I would have gotten nothing above a B minus. It would breakdown as follows (The italicized is what she would have written on my Project Completion Sheet).

1. Creativity: A-  I like your mixture of patterns and fabric selections, the general look of the finished product and the way you arranged the pockets, although it appears you didn't do all of them, this will be reviewed below. (She never gave me an A for anything.  I think she thought not getting an A would make us work harder.)
2. Embroidery: B+ I like the blue thread choice as it coordinates well with your fabric choice and displays nicely on the yellow fabric, but you didn't do all the required stitching.
3. Sewing : B+ You did do back and forth stitching to secure pockets (I don't remember what this technique is called.) Your top stitching was fairly straight, however it would be perfectly straight if you pinned all sections first. You used the correct color thread. All seams appear straight.
4. Following Directions : D  Remember, you can learn a great deal more from following directions. I know you will do better in this area next time.
5. Complete Project on Time: A-  Remember, I never gave you an A, why start now?

And what did I learn? Well, I learned to explore more of a book before I decide the directions aren't adequate. I learned how to make a light box. (This is the favorite thing I learned.) Finally, I learned that this "reading directions thing" is going to be the bane of my creative existence!

I also wanted to report the main fabric I used is from Madame Catherine, one of my favorite purveyors of vintage French fabric in Paris. Merci!

I will have my sewing tidy at our next market March 12-15.  Be sure to share your January craft project on Confectionique's Facebook page! I am excited to try again in February.
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