Monday, July 28, 2014

August: "The Paris Apartment" !

Over the years, during our yearly (and now twice-yearly) buying trips to Paris, we have stayed in a wide variety of Parisian apartments -- no two have ever been even remotely the same!  Yet, they all seem to have certain characteristics in common.

Just like Americans, Parisians and the French in general have a wide variety of tastes.  But something binds them together.

A love of the worldly, the cosmopolitan.  A flair for the eclectic.  A need for travel.  And a passion for practicality and efficiency embodied in style. 

We want to share our vision of the Paris apartments we have grown to love over the years -- please join us at Confectionique's "The Paris Apartment" Market August 7-10!  (Click here for a sneak peek!)

If you can't rent a Paris apartment -- come to ours!

August's "The Paris Apartment" Market Hours:

Thurs., August 7:      5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, August 8:      10am-5pm
Saturday, August 9: 10am-5pm
Sunday August 10:    Noon-5pm

A bientot,


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