Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unexpected Comedy....

I have been busily unpacking and pricing the treasures from Paris. Boxes have begun arriving in the mail. It's Christmas in September at the Korbitz household!

Oh what a surprise it is to see some of these wonderful finds that Adam and I searched the markets for while in Paris! It is like shopping the flea markets of Paris all over again. Along with the old metal, vintage jewelry and accessories, I have found myself spending more time (more than I really should) exploring all the ephemera -- the old paper-trail history of Paris.

I sure enjoy peering into the eyes of those in the black-and-white photos, thumbing through the cartes postales sent to and fro, and trying to interpret the old books and papers.

During our visit, we purchased a large collection of the children's publication Mon Journal, from 1901 and 1902. The stories appear to be about wild adventures to far away lands, mysteries needing to be solved, and stories with heartwarming endings -- pretty dramatic reading!

So I was happy to find some funny cartoons on the back of one of many of these old journals -- usually they involve animals participating in some sort of shenanigans.  Even though I don't read French very well . . . the pictures certainly tell the story! See for yourself!

Well, back to work . . .

We look forward to seeing your beginning Thursday, September 19 for our "French Home" market. Perhaps an old snapshot, a letter or postcard will get you curious, too, at our "French Home" Market!  We hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 19:            5pm-8pm
Friday, September 20:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, September 21:            10am-4pm
Sunday, September 22:                Noon-4pm

a bientot,

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