Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be the first: A Package From Paris!

"Paris is always a good idea." --  Audrey Hepburn

Paris is an especially good idea if you can get the first chance to receive a Package From Paris!

Perhaps you're wondering what we've been working on . . . and there's no better opportunity than our  upcoming "Maison by the Sea"  market to find out . . . where are we going . . . where can we take you?

Over the years, as we have prepared for our annual trip to Paris, we've been asked by many customers in a sweet, not-so-serious (but really a sort-of-serious) way... "Can you pack me in your suitcase?" We all laugh, but it also got us to thinking . . .

If we can't pack you in our suitcase on our next buying trip to our favorite Paris markets, could we instead bring them to you somehow? How would that work? How could we make it fun for you and for us?  More importantly, how can we give you a Paris shopping experience without leaving your home?

We are excited to announce a new pilot project with our online store, Brocanturee:  A Package From Paris!

Brocanturee's "A Package From Paris" (PFP) is your opportunity to shop in vintage Paris -- but you won't have to pack a suitcase to tour the flea markets of Paris with us!  All it requires is . . . our special Brocanturee PFP passport, of course!  

As a special member of our "Brocanturee Package From Paris" vintage shopping adventure,  you'll have the opportunity to "travel" with us while we shop our favorite Parisian flea markets and brocantes and visit our other favorite haunts in and around Paris from late August to early September 2013.  Your Brocanturee PFP passport will contain the instructions on how you can get updates, photos,      and --  most importantly -- exclusive, first-chance opportunities to purchase vintage treasures and finds from us while we are still in Paris, and have them shipped to you direct!

Brocanturee's Package From Paris will give its members a limited-time opportunity to purchase a selection of vintage treasures from Paris before any other group of customers -- at a reduced price! If you're the first to purchase a treasure or find we list for sale, you'll get a Package From Paris!

How do you participate?  Well, get your passport!  Enrollment is limited to the first 80 people, so stop by our Contrôle de Passeport  (Passport Control) desk at Confectionique's "Maison by the Sea" market from August 8-11 to pick up your passport and instructions -- you'll also get a vintage souvenir luggage pin we've already brought back for you from one of our favorite Paris markets!*  Or, you can order one  from our online store, Brocanturee!

Visit.  Shop.  Paris!

August "Maison  by the Sea" Market:

Thurs.,  August 8:      5pm-8pm 
Friday,  August 9:     11am-2pm
Saturday, Aug. 10:   10am-4pm
Sunday August 11:    Noon-4pm

A bientot!

Anastasia and Adam

*The passport's $3.00 cost covers the cost of the pin as well as defraying printing costs for the passport.

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