Thursday, May 9, 2013

For the love of our Mothers....

Children! What would we be without them?
I can say with authority that being a Mom has been the most challenging, frustrating, grueling and heart-wrenching role of my life. So, how is it that something that was so difficult be the most wonderful opportunity of my life and something I would truly never change and would be grateful for, forever?

It's hard to fully express what being a Mom is like, and how hard it can be, until you have actually done it.

Now, I hardly even remember the difficulties and only seem to recall all the goodness. I look at others' misbehaving children and think, "My children never did that!" However, I am reminded by my kids that, yes, indeed they had done that! My mother-in-law once said of her sons, "Never tell me what you did wrong as a child, I want to remember all that was good about you."

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with
me, but I think she enjoyed it.". - Mark Twain

Now my children are married and are having children of their own, and they too shall understand the follies and foibles of being mothers and parents.
Our "Le Jardin" market this week is the perfect time to honor mothers. Why is this a perfect market to celebrate mothers? Well, what do gardens and children have in common? They flourish, they bloom, they grow! And what do Mothers have in common with gardeners? We feed, cherish, and re-root!

So, here's to Mothers and all they have done to raise your children. And here's to the children who teach us, too!
Cheers to Mothers!

  May "Le Jardin" Market Hours:

  Thurs., May 9:          5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
  Friday, May 11:        11am-2pm
  Saturday, May 12:   10am-4pm
  CLOSED Sunday May 12 (Mothers' Day!)

   A bientot,


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