Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Excited. I just had to keep in mind little Barry was excited.

Adam and I traveled to Orlando today and I heard every detail about the plane trip from Milwaukee to Orlando, courtesy of Barry.

Barry was about 10 and excited as all get-out to be taking his very first trip to Disney World.  So excited that many other passengers could not help but be sucked in to every detail of Barry's delight.  Barry was so elated about this journey that he felt the need give a blow-by-blow commentary on every.single.aspect.of.the.flight.in.painful.detail.

I just had to remind myself that he was only about 10 and very, very excited.

"Mom, the plane is now on the runway, and now it is about to take off and now it is taking off and now it is in the air and going about 500 miles and hour and now it is cruising about 30,000 feet in the air and ......."

Then it was the endless questions of which neither parent knew the answer to questions such as "Do you think this plane has a throttle? Do you think there are two pilots? How many passengers fit on this plane? Do you think it uses brakes like they use on cars? Do you think this plane has more than one engine? Do you......."

Then came the landing commentary. "Okay, we are likely to be landing in 20 minutes. I will let you know when we get close to landing. Okay, It looks like we are about 300 feet off the ground, okay, now 200 feet. Landing gear is now down. Now we are speeding up. Now we are slowing down. Now we are about to land. Now we are landing. We have landed!"

At this point the plane erupted in applause. Was it because we were in Orlando or was it because it would be the end of Barry's talking? One never knows.

A good lesson to learn from Barry is:  There is nothing wrong with telling others about something your are excited about -- learn to appreciate life's wonderful adventures!

I've been working on something very exciting at Confectionique . . . and like little Barry, I can't wait to tell you about it!


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