Monday, April 1, 2013

Accomodating the Korbitz's !!

The Dining Room

Well, after a great deal of painstaking planning, a lot of transcribed emails, an overseas bank transfer and negotiating with the manager, we finally have our accommodations set for our Paris 2013 trip.

We are delighted to inform everyone that we have been granted permission to stay in Napoleon III's Apartment located on the third floor of the Louvre. It will be rented to us under certain strict conditions. We will be out everyday before the tourists arrive, and we will have to carry in our meals as there is no working kitchen. Otherwise, the place is ours from the time the Louvre closes to the next morning. Naturally, we also had to sign a waiver absolving the Louvre of any liability, and we had to pass a background check by the Paris police proving we aren't likely to steal anything.  
Napoleon's Living Room

We promise to take lots of photos of us lounging on the luxurious red velvet furnishings in the main living room, sitting at the table set for 50 pretending we are being served a seven-course meal (with our scrumptious take-out meals that we will be allowed to eat on the 19th-Century porcelain) and sleeping in Napoleon III's bed (linens are provided, as long as we agree to launder them before checking out). An extra bonus is that we have free passes to the Louvre for the duration of our stay.  Oh, one other thing:  there is no plumbing in the apartment, so we will have to use the original wooden 19th-Century chamber pots, and since there are no maids on the premises, we will agree to empty and clean them every night.

This is going to be our most magnificent experience in Paris yet!

Au revoir,

Anastasia and Adam

Exterior View

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