Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back to where I began

Paper and Trinket Hutch
Over the past few years I (with the help of my wonderful hubby) have moved my craft room any number of times. I had it in the basement, then I moved it to the 2nd floor in the last bedroom on the right, then to the 2nd bedroom on the right, then back in the basement and then to my husband's office on the first floor.

I have gone up and down the stairs with piles of books, crates of fabrics, trays of glitter so many times trying to come up with the perfect solution for my crafting needs.

My little bits of inspiration
Two years ago I made a solemn promise to my hubby that if he would help me move my craft room from the basement to his old office (and he would then move his office to the basement) that I would never, ever ask to move again. Well, guess what we are doing?

The main reason for moving into the office was the view.  The basement simply does not have one...unless you consider the tiny 2x4 basement window.  Lack of view often makes me feel confined and saps my creativity.
All Organized!

Still, I do have a good excuse for reneging on my solemn promise:  Confectionique. Seriously, our little shop has grown so much in the past several months that I can no longer craft effectively in the 12x12 space known as my hubby's old office. The basement is twice the size and has an entire wall of built in book shelves.

Fabric hutch sneak peek
I am pleased to say that my hubby agrees. He is kinda tired of seeing my craft room goodies, ,projects, name it...spill over into the den.

So, with the help of my Interior Designer program, some new cabinetry and counter tops, fresh coat of paint and lighting, my plan is to turn the basement into a crafting paradise. Here are some pictures.


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