Monday, October 8, 2012

What is ART anyway?

Read, then see the art below
 What is art? Probably the time I ask this question most to myself is when I'm at the Centre Pompidou. There are times that I definitely have to either free my mind completely and just take in what's in front of me, or I need to ask myself what is the cultural significance of this piece for it's time. I will admit that sometimes neither tactic works well and I just leave an exhibit perplexed, asking myself,  "How much did I pay to come see this?"

So, is this art?

I also enjoy watching the expressions on the faces of others as they approach an avant garde art exhibit. Some people seem to have deeply introspective looks on their faces...approaching with a determination to learn more, while others shake their heads and walk away, and still others may laugh or be repulsed.

How about this?
So, the art isn't only the thing that is sitting in the room or hung on the's actually the interaction between that piece of art and each of us, right? Whether or not we enjoyed the art..we none the less had an opinion about it or a reaction to it -- but does that really make it art?

So, Adam and I did try to keep an open mind yet again. Sometimes we tried to approach the new exhibit with a determination to learn more, sometimes we shook our heads and other times we just laughed. No matter our reaction tonight at the Centre Pompidou - we still had an interaction with the art.

I have attached photos of some of the descriptions and the corresponding pieces of art. What is your reaction? Does it meet your definition of art?
Adam is still trying to decide.

We are certain to have many crafty projects at our next market ...some you will love and some won't be your is all meant to create a reaction.  I hope you will join us for October's "Midnight in (Spooky) Paris" market!

October "Midnight in Paris" Market Hours (PLEASE NOTE - These dates are one week later than our normal schedule!):

Thursday, October 18:            5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, October 19:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, October 20:            10am-4pm
Sunday, October 21:                Noon-4pm

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