Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Growing Pains . . .

Confectionique has some exciting news!  Due to the popularity of our Thursday night Nuit Blanche market, we are adding a FIFTH day to our formerly four-day weekend markets!  (How can a weekend last five days, you ask?  At Confectionique, anything is possible!)

For our November "A Moveable Feast" market, we are adding a special Preview Night on Wednesday, November 7th from 5:30pm-8:00 pm.  Why a Preview Night?  Well, Preview Night will be for the no-frills shopper:  those Confectionique customers who usually come on Thursday night -- not necessarily for the complimentary wine or the free music (did we tell you there will be free live jazz on Thursday night?) but who just want first crack at Confectionique's great holiday treasures and bargains!

So . . . if you just want to shop and can live without Thursday night's complimentary wine . . . come on Wednesday November 7 between 5:30pm and 8pm for Preview Night!  If you still want the full Nuit Blanche experience with complimentary wine and the lovely music of the Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble, come on Thursday November 8 between 5pm and 8pm!

Either way, we are sure you will enjoy your Confectionique experience . . . hopefully with shorter checkout lines on both nights!

Thank you for your patience and loyalty as we grow!

November "A Moveable Feast" Market Hours:

Wednesday, November 7:          5:30pm-8pm  (First-ever Preview Night!)
Thursday, November 8:              5pm-8pm (Nuit Blanche!)
Friday, November 9:                    11am-2pm
Saturday, November 10:            10am-4pm
Sunday, November 11:                Noon-4pm

Au revoir,

Anastasia and Adam

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