Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Market dreams......

PS...the guy on the right always wants too much for his stuff.

Many treasures too large to bring home

I've been thinking about all the market people I have gotten
to know from all my trips to Paris. There's Bernard the hardy older gentleman with an unbelievable collection of ephemera. Leon, the quintessential Frenchman who loves to flirt while he wheels and deals. Sweet Madam, the one to visit for all things vintage sewing. Monsieur Ribbon-man, who will always throw in a few extra treasures when you buy the loveliest of velvet ribbons. Buddy - the everything guy - (I call him Buddy because he is simply soooo nice). He has everything from vintage key chains to old glassware.
When I show up at market each visit, the greetings start all over
again. Some of these fine folks know my face and now know that I show up in the early fall, but it still takes reminding. In no time, though, they will ask how long I will be staying and when I will come back again. If I tell them what I want they will bring it back for me the next time we agree to meet. Believe it or not, with their English better than my French, we are able to communicate.

Market near St. Pauls
So, I plan to bring treasures back from all my favorite Paris vendors. Some treasures I will use for crafting and some will show up at Confectionique beginning in November. Is there anything you are hoping I will find and stuff in my suitcase for you? Remember, it does have to be small enough to fit in my suitcase and not cause any alarms!

I will start in Italy and will arrive in Paris on October 1st. I will take photos and tell stories of my adventures. There are always stories...

A Bientot,

It's endless.....
An old goat!

Trash, non... treasure, oui!

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