Thursday, September 27, 2012

Italy: The Joy of eating

When I travel the countries in Europe I like to consider what makes each one special and unique. I have decided that one big difference between the French and Italians is: The French love to dine and the Italians love to eat!

Now, we are staying in parts of Italy that are untouched by many tourists. So, we didn’t really learn about the Italians and their affinity for eating until last night!

Previously, our Italian waiters would raise an eyebrow and then ask a couple of times for review and clarification on our food order. The waiter would say, “So you are saying you want to share only one appetizer and have only one first course each?  Is that all?” The waiter always seemed concerned. 

We learned tonight after being a part of a dinner gathering that Italians dine out much differently than we realized.  For example, we started our meal with our own individual appetizer, then our first course- it was delicious homemade pasta - which we were certainly full after eating. However, it didn’t end there.

Adam and I thought we would be ready for dessert, but no, then came our second main dish, which was yet another full meal.  Between all this were several glasses of wine, homemade bread and breadsticks, more wine. And then finally…we finished with a lovely dessert, with extra homemade cookies and more wine or espresso, just in case the dessert alone was not enough.

Now the 3 forks and 3 knives make sense and it explains one reason the Italians are always happy!

Anastasia and Adam

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