Friday, September 28, 2012

Arrivederci Ancient Land of Liberty

Our stay in San Marino was an amazing experience. We explored ancient castle towers, walked the paths and winding streets where many generations walked before us, took in panoramic views that reached the Mediterranean Sea, ate too much delicious food, and had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful San Marinians.

Adam was honored to be chosen to present at the International Academy of Astronautics. We were privileged to part of a small group of individuals to visit the inside of the Government House (never open to the general public).

Not many tourists visit the oldest republic in all of the world - a place which UNESCO recently made a World Heritage Site. Not many know this marvelous piece of history is even here...which may be one reason it remains so pristine.

If you have the chance - come visit this magical land known as the Ancient Land of Liberty. Partake in it's history and enjoy meeting the people. We are so fortunate to have made this journey ourselves.

Anastasia and Adam

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