Friday, August 17, 2012

Unfinished Paris

Collecting for the upcoming markets has been so much fun, but my day really lit up when I came across this vintage paint by numbers. The colors immediately reminded me of the Musee' Carnavalet: a bright and cheery museum that is a true artistic expression of the complicated history of this vast city.

I have walked along the boulevard that houses this area of Paris many times:  the Notre Dame, grand and towering over you; the centuries-old vendors stalls that dot the river Seine -- I've bought my share of kitschy souvenirs and real vintage gems here. I am now beginning to recognize some of the vendors. I like to pretend they remember me too.  Paris truly is this picturesque, especially when the sun bathes her just perfectly.

I also love this sweet piece of art that was never finished. It's a metaphor really. Life is an ever-growing process that doesn't end until we do. It's also a metaphor for me - I will simply never be finished with Paris. Each time I return perhaps I can paint in another number, but there are many, many more left to paint.

I hope you'll find your own sweet piece of Paris at our upcoming French Country Market:

Thursday, September 6:            5pm-8pm
Friday, September 7:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, September 8:            10am-4pm
Sunday, September 9:                Noon-4pm

Au revoir,

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