Friday, August 31, 2012

Postcard from Paris

Wink, wink.....
While shopping at one of our favorite markets in Paris we came across a rugged French countryman we named "The Postcard Man." He literally had the largest collection of vintage postcards we had ever seen! We must have stood looking through the well-organized stack of hand-written and delivered memories for an hour. Some of the French we could decipher, expression of love or celebration, and others remain a mystery. We had a tough time selecting our favorites, but one we couldn't resist was this lovely woman holding a lucky domino. Look at the expression on her's as if she is holding a secret.

We had one particular postcard made into a fabric. I have also packaged these fabric postcards so you can create a little treasure from your own postcard from Paris.  (P.S.:  the pillows and the fabric can be found at next week's French Country Market!)

The sentiment....

French Country Market Dates and Hours:

Thursday, September 6:            5pm-8pm
Friday, September 7:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, September 8:            10am-4pm
Sunday, September 9:                Noon-4pm

Au Revoir, Anastasia
The Pillows....

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