Thursday, August 30, 2012

Checking out is always fun . . .

On our very busy market days the crowd is thick with happy people..... visiting and shopping. We have many delightful customers wondering if we could hold this or that sweet item. Many know that since these treasures are one-of-a-kind items...they better grab what they love or it might not still be there the next time they circle around for another look!

We created a fun new system for those who love to keep there hands free for sipping wine or hugging a friend that just walked through the door. Stop by next week at our upcoming French Country Market and check out the many changes we have include checking out. One hint: It involves a bushel basket, a bracelet and a number!  (Don't worry, you don't have to carry the bushel basket!)

French Country Market Dates and Hours:

Thursday, September 6:            5pm-8pm
Friday, September 7:                 11am-2pm
Saturday, September 8:            10am-4pm
Sunday, September 9:                Noon-4pm

À bientôt!


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