Friday, June 1, 2012

For the love of Dad....

My purchases from Antiquery

When my hubby, Adam, and I were traveling home from Chicago this weekend, we decided to take a more scenic route home. We drove through little towns that sat quietly between pastures and rolling hills. Saw farms big and small and very few cars. We explored parts of Wisconsin we hadn't seen before or haven't seen in years.

Antiquery- I hope you return!

Since it was a Sunday, most of the shops were closed, save one sweet, small antique shop in Elkhorn. Sue, owner of Antiquery was open because she was going out of business. I always feel sad when I find a business closing, but talking with Sue made me feel better. "My friends are wondering how long it will be before I open another store again, but for now I need to close to take care of my 93-year-old father." What a big heart!

part of the Window Display at Antiquery

Adam and I enjoyed talking with Sue about the life her father lead as an electrical engineer at Los Alamos during WWII and the quiet life he made for he and his family in Elkorn. Adam decided to buy some of her father's old books from his engineering days. Adam has a plan for them (more on that later). I found some irresistible items, most in pink naturally. Some you will find at Confectionique in June and some for me. It was a lovely day for a day trip to the countryside of Wisconsin, and if we wouldn't have taken the scenic route, we would never have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sue. I did give her a Confectionique card and invited her to stop in.

Perhaps this is a good time for such a post, Father's Day is right around the corner, and Sue reminds us what true love between a parent and a child should be.

Au revoir, Anastasia

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