Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jardins de Paris

The dahlia's in full bloom
  On the "other side" of the Eiffel Tower (as I like to call it- as the 6th Arrondissement is always on the front side of the Eiffel Tower- whereas the Tracadero is always the other side). There is a lovely park on the "other side" that sits off of the very busy Avenue d'Iéna. I found it years ago when I was in search of the fashion museum- that- all these years later, continues to be "under renovation."  I'm not certain if the museum will ever reopen, but I will continue to visit it's sweet garden grounds.

Enjoy a cat nap

Although in a bustling part of Paris, the park is still located in a somewhat residential area, so you will see Parisians of all generations at this little tranquil space.  The park is small compared to other gardens, but it's still well-maintained and blooming with gorgeous flowers and shrubs. The park benches are cozy enough to have a long, leisurely lunch (which we often pick up from the local farmer's market) and then settle in for reading or a sun-swept cat nap.

We hope to bring some Paris Garden flair to our little market in May. Stop in and shop or just visit awhile beginning Thursday May 10 at 5:00 pm

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