Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the love of Monet

Monet's Garden- a place to discover and get lost

Monet -- the celebrated French impressionist known for his landscapes that captured the natural essence of a lily pond to the vastness of a shoreline along the river Seine. He loved color, both in his paintings and in his everyday life.

I visited Giverny in August.  When I entered the gardens I know my mouth must have dropped open with wonder and awe. I walked along the tiny pea-gravel pathways looking this way and that....hoping not to miss one beautiful thing. 

The beautiful yellow similar to the sunflowers at Giverny
Flowers of every shape and color dotted this garden. The elegant sunflowers towered overhead and the butterflies fluttering about against the bright blue sky. I was lost in the magic of these historic gardens on such a beautiful day. When I crossed to the other end of the garden, I emerged among vast ponds with floating lily pads, walked across delicate bridges covered in flower shrubs in every shade of purple, and saw robust trees strongly rooted to the soil. It was simply magical. The colors, the scents, the is a virtual symphony for the senses.

Shutters- the perfect color of Mustard

Monet's home was equally impressive. He personally selected all the colors and decor. The dining room was inviting with stunning bright yellow chairs and the table was set with bright blue and white dinnerware. He loved Asian art- which graced the dishes and walls of the dining room. The kitchen was a blue-heaven- painted and tiled in blue hues. Lovely mustard yellow, salmony pink and the old vintage green show up in a variety of ways in this old homestead, and like its gardens, this treasure of history remains today-  as it was then - a sanctuary of beauty. 
Bushel basket lamp "harvesting light."

At Confectionique, we have created our own version of Monet's home and gardens in Giverny. You will find a similar color palate used in furniture, pillows and other garden and home accessories. And we have even a set a table in honor of Monet- bursting with his color palate. Our Monet's Jardin Market begins on Thursday May 10 from 5:00-8:00pm.

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