Thursday, May 31, 2012

crafty friends

Lola Olive
When I go to my craft room, I know one thing for sure, at least 3 of my 5 cats will insist on joining me. Believe me, I have tried locking them out, but they scratch relentlessly, cry, get into fights with each other- gosh this sounds a lot like raising kids!

Naturally, they are not in the least bit helpful. If I don't have 2 beds on my table with freshly-fluffed bedding and a bedless spot on the other side of my table, my 3 friends will lay all over me or my projects. So, I relented and all seem happy. Lola, the little lady at the top left is always the first to arrive and plop in her bed
Felly Belle

 Then Felly Belle, my butterscotch kitty will soon follow and only prefers the bedless option --she will not do anything other than plop on my table. Not more than 15 minutes later Farmer Pickles eventually comes looking for me. Farmer is not fussy, he will take the bed Lola declined. In no time Farmer is snoring and the two girls are purring happily as I craft away.

Farmer Pickles

Au revoir, Anastasia


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