Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anything can happen at Confectionique

My crafting sister and I thought it might be nice to sit outside and enjoy a quick bite to eat last night before we tackled cleaning up the shop.  We brought our pretty plates outside filled with a side of tortilla chips and sat down to enjoy the last remnants of the sun.  It seemed rather windy but we both clearly were enjoying the fresh air.  We sat on the lovely blue painted bench outside our shop and watched as the corporate jet in front of us started its engines again.  It's funny how much the wind kicked up.  Tortilla chips were blowing off of our plates and into the grass.  We watched as the plane turned around, and suddenly the warm air kicked out of the plane and even more chips flew into the wind.  We looked at each other and agreed that we should probably move inside.

We sat down at our sweet crafting table to finish our dinner when a very frightened bird flew over our heads and into the shop.  It swooped through the store and right onto the buffet where we wrap merchandise.  There she sat.  She looked at home for a moment.  But then she started fluttering around, quite distressed and flew into our windows and between another display window we had propped up against the window.  She was so scared.  We spoke softly to her, letting her know that we really are nice people.  We moved slowly and finally were able to get her to let me grab her and bring her back outside.   As cute as she looked with Mademoiselle Chat (the cat cookie jar) she belonged back outside.  She was a bit stunned but after a bit of time and eating the bird seed (leftover from our Garden Market), she flew away.

Just another night at Confectionique...

A Bientôt,
The Crafting Sisters,
Anastasia & Jessica

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