Saturday, April 7, 2012

Keepsake pincushions

 I adore the vintage planters that tend to show up a at flea markets and second hand shops. It seems as though many folks have little use for these petite vessels. I was so happy to come up with an ideas to give these old treasures a new purpose - pelote à épingles (pincushion)

Each month we sell many of these vintage planters -turned -pincushions. Our customers have loved adopting frogs, bears, rabbits, trains, dogs and cats. Now, here is the next perfect pincushion....the ousieau (bird).  Wouldn't this sweet chirpy-bird look just darling in your sewing space?

Enjoy finding a new selection of pincushions at our Feather Your Nest Market in April.

Au revior, Anastasia

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