Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friends in far away places....

Mamo, Micaela, and the Letter
 The first time I met Mamo was about 10 years ago, during our first trip to Paris. My husband, kids and I decided to try his little pizzeria on the recommendation of travel writer, Rick Steves (who is never wrong when it comes to recommendations). We didn't know it then, but 10 years later, we are friends. We are friends not through our poor French or Mamo's poor English, but through our smiles, gestures and our connection just by being human beings.
Mamo, the perfect host

We have shared Mamo and his delightful pizzeria with my crafting sister Jessica and her hubby David on their first visit to Paris. At this visit years we had a customer snap a terrific picture of Mamo and 4 of us.

At our visit last year, we gave him a framed copy of the picture, and he put the picture on top of the refrigerator.

Typical aperitifs at the little Pizzeria

Here is the delightful pic we gave Mamo

Since opening Confectionique 2 years ago, anyone and everyone that we have met who planned a trip to Paris, we sent them to visit Mamo.  And everyone has come back with a lovely story about Mamo and his pizzeria.

Our latest friend to visit was Micaela. This time, I decided that along with the recommended visit to Mamo's place, I would ask her to hand-deliver a letter to him from me. Naturally, I had to cheat and use Babelfish for help, but the sincerity was there. I wanted him to know that we send everyone who visits Paris his way, and more importantly, I wanted him to know that we would be visiting him again in October and couldn't wait to visit him again.

Can you imagine the surprise and delight a person would feel getting a hand-delivered letter by a friendly-faced lady from across the ocean? As you can see, he was delighted. This little experiment has taught me that even an ocean can't separate human beings from heartfelt friendship.

Merci beaucoup to Micaela for delivering the letter to Mamo. Fortunately, I think you have found a friend in Mamo too. If you want to know more about Mamo and other favorite places, stop into Confectionique and we would be happy to help.

Au revoir,
Anastasia and Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique and Mamo's friends

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