Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Amazing Scizzorgun

Jessica and I couldn't believe our eyes when we attended the annual Underground Art and Stamp Craft Show in London last weekend- (Yeah, we kept quiet about this trip as we weren't certain we could pull it together quickly enough). A company called -All Things Sharp- came up with the first ever Scizzorgun. You got it- a glue gun and scissors in one! And these scissors are sharp. They cut everything from paper to metal.

Stock Pic, ours are pink!
Seriously, how many times have you had your glue gun in hand...waiting to glue a fab button to a piece of jewelry and then all of a sudden you see a small wire that needs to be trimmed first? Then you have to put the glue gun down and wonder around your craft table looking for those scissors to nip off that pesky extra piece of wiring! Now with the new Scizzorgun you simply push a button and out whips the sheers, you snip, then push the button again to retract the scissors and go about with your gluing, amazing!

Worried about burning your fingers while gluing? Don't worry...the Scizzorgun uses cold glue! I know....can't imagine it right? Well, this company has decided to actually use a "superglue" type substance (in tubes) that always stay cool and the glue won't cause injury as it does not adhere if human skin if involved.  The Scizzorgun also has a retractable lid so it will only expel glue when you push the button. When you release the trigger on your Scissorgun the cap then moves back over the glue nozzle. No dripping, no burns, no searching for the scissors and no more gluing accidents.  And the Scizzorgun comes with the most adorable matching holster.

Jessica and I have already preordered a Scizzorgun for each of us-it's pricey, roughly $255.00, but so worth it. If you are interested in seeing our Scizzorgun, be sure to drop in on our next market. It's certain to be our favorite new craft toy.

Au revoir,
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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