Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 Little Birds...

You know that moment when you realize how lucky you are to have someone you click with?  A friend that gets you even before you get yourself?

That's my crafting sister, Anastasia.

She knows when I'll be excited, frustrated or just plain grumpy.  She knows that I like my food really hot and my beverages really cold.  She knows that I love really good chocolate and can pass on the refined sugar.  She knows that I wish I could have a double of me that could stay up all night and she reminds me that both me and the double need to get rest.  She knows when I'm off-(you know that feeling when you just aren't sure what's up but it's something...)  She knows when I just need a good laugh and maybe just to hear a little Owl City.

So, this is my crafting sister's birthday week.  Each day of the week is carefully celebrated in some sort of special way.  Her real day is April 15th.  Today I hope she will read this while sipping a hot coffee with her cats and breeze through her day at work.  Today I wish for her to realize how much she is like those 3 little birds-always reminding so many people that "Every little thing is gonna be all right."

Bon Anniversaire Week Crafting Sister!

Love Your Crafting Sister,

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