Friday, March 23, 2012

It all started with a piano roll....

While shopping for our next inspiration for the April market, I came across a large stack of piano rolls at a local antique shop. Oh my are they sweet. "We have to be able to do something with these," I thought.

Each box was titled with an old tune from yesteryear. When I opened the box there sat a neatly rolled tube of music that looks as though it hasn't been disturbed for years. When I pulled the roll out of the  box, I  could read the lyrics which were printed along the side of the punched paper. At first they didn't make sense, but then I realized I needed to read it from down to up rather than up to down.

I had half the piano roll unrolled in the shop as I continued to scroll up to read the intriguing lyrics of a song I had never heard of before. 'Gone is the romance that was.....'   Why wouldn't I want to read more? Sold on the idea, I bought 5 of these precious pieces of history.
I brought my small piano roll collection to the shop and my crafting sister was equally delighted with my find. Not only are they so Confectionique, but these rolls are just what many of our crafty customers are looking for; unique ephemera with a history, divine paper with character and most of all many, many possibilities!

And the mockingbirds are singing as........'  Don't you wonder what the mockingbirds were singing about? Aren't you intrigued to know how the story ends? We started our market remodel with a piano roll as our inspiration for Feather Your Nest and  it turned out so sweetly, but it won't end there. What would you do with an old piano roll?

Au Revior,
Anastasia & Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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