Friday, March 16, 2012

Get your hands on them, soon!

Doorknockers in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain
Did you know that we have been creating Confectionique craft product lines over the past couple of months? (Consider them Crafting Confections -- by Confectionique!)  Perhaps the reason you didn't know is that we have said very little about it. Our goal was to first have a nice collection of craft supplies to offer our customers.....and we feel that we are finally on our way.

In December we introduced Decoupage Déjeuner  kits. These kits have all you need to create individualized journals with decoupage. We also released our first set of rubber stamps to include Mademoiselle Chat and Monsieur Grenouille. These stamps are based on the original drawings of my crafting sister, Jessica, and they are beyond darling. We now have a nice selection of our "Craft in a Jar" and "Paris in a Jar" craft kits. 

In March, we released the rubber stamp of Monsieur Escargot and Monsieur Lapin and plenty of fun French phrases. We are also delighted to have put together lovely ephemera packets based on original vintage French papers, images, sheet music and bric a brac all from the markets of Paris. 

We plan to release at least one new and original rubber stamp each month, a new "Craft in a Jar" or "Paris in a Jar," and we will add to our French ephemera collection.  We have some exciting plans in store! 

Our original products have delighted many and even caused some to blush a little (did I mention our stamps and ephemera can be a bit sassy?)  Don't worry if you haven't gotten your hands on these new products of late as they are soon to be available on Etsy! We hope you will use our sweet "Confections" to craft your imaginings with the same delight and excitement that we had in creating them.

Anastasia and Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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