Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scrappy Flea Market Aprons

I decided that Jessica and I needed matching red aprons for our Red Market. I really wanted to order them on line. I am not too talented at making aprons....pillows and interiors are more my forte. Could I make them myself?

I decided to start snooping through my various vintage linens to see if I could cobble together something special.

I divided a tablecloth and a doily in half (one for each apron), added traditional French ribbon and really cute scrap fabric and edging. I decided to keep the first one as I made a couple of flubs, but my crafting sister's turned out better. I am still not the queen of aprons, but I think I did okay with my scrappy aprons. Think French flea market....very flea market : )
Au revoir, Anastasia

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