Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My crafting sister and I can't pass up a sweet stuffed animal that has been discarded. We bring them home, toss them in the washer and the dryer, then dress them up, and hand deliver them to Confectionique.

This Valentines Day, if you plan on giving a sweet stuffed creature, consider giving one that has been rescued. It's unique, thoughtful and the epitomy of green giving, and,  honestly, who can resist this face? I named her Petunia Bear.

Petunia and I hope to see you at our Red Market beginning Thursday February 9 from 5-8:00. Remember Thursday evening is Nuit Blanche!

P.S. Petunia wants you to know that Confectionique has many other friends making their premier to include a couple of very interesting monkeys. 

Au revoir, Anastasia and Petunia

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