Monday, February 6, 2012

A peek inside

Peek inside.....
Paris, is a place for peeking.  I enjoying looking in boutique windows in and around the neighborhood of Rue St. Germain, inside a lovely old church in the Latin Quarter or at the goodies that grace the windows of Laduree.  Paris is about peeking and indulging in the wonder of all it has to offer from the largest cathedrals to the inside of a bon bon.
Sweet petit case

The City of Lights is also about the fine details. Don't think you have seen it all when it comes to the treasures of Paris.... there's always so much more to appreciate than the obvious.

Peek inside......

woof, woof....journal case!

Whenever I go to the Place
de la Concorde, I can't help but pay very close attention to the fine details of the lamp posts that dot the famous square. When I visit Champ du Mars I love to look at one particular memorial. I have to take a very close peek to catch the darling expressions of the little faces carved from metal. And before I consume a petit treat from Laduree, I like to take the time to peek closely at the perfectly plump raspberries, evenly distributed glaze and the divine fluffy crust...all sitting regally upon a sparking piece of china. If I miss these details, I would miss the true joy of being in Paris.
Peek inside.....

Re-imaged trinket box.

I hope that when you visit Confectionique you will find a new surprise around every corner. Feel free to take your time to discover all that's new. While visiting you may open and take a peek inside any suitcase, old trunk, or jewelry box..or whatever else has a lid. You never know what you might find.

We are excited to be open for our Red Market beginning at 5:00 on Thursday, February 9th for our Nuit Blanche. Come in and take a peek!

Au revoir, 

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