Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It started with a table....

Craft Table Beginnings.....
We started to feel a bit cramped in our Bon Bon Room. A relocation was in order, so we agreed our sweet space should be moved to the back of the shop. Yup, we uprooted again.

The design began with visions of a large table. One large, inviting "come party/play with us" table. I already had these two stunning legs (smile here). Next, I went to Restore and found a door, 2 spindles for support, and  two 2x4s to make sure the table would be the right height.  Off to Home Depot for the 6 inch bolts and wood screws. Then with my trusty tape measure and  favorite power power drill (yes, the one with the hair accident). NO injuries later (a test that things truly goes as planned) and voila, a table!.

Nouveau Luminaire
So, our new Bon Bon room is pretty, sparkly, cheery,  more spacious and with a big table. The table holds many more delightful Madams, Mademoiselles, enfants and Monsieurs (although that doesn't happen too much, but we like to keep crafting and parties open for everyone). Come see where our imagination has taken us. The luminaire turned out to be quite stunning as if it once hung in a Paris musee. Wait a minute.... is that a bird on it? You know what they say.....

Now after all this work we need to remember that the only other place to take the Bon Bon Room is out to the runway, but for safety sake, we better stay put.

Au Revoir,
Anastasia and Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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