Friday, February 24, 2012

Tous les fait!

I believe in supporting creativity of all kinds as witnessed by my kids creations and projects throughout our house.  It's because of this passion that I thought nothing of my 3 1/2 year old son's request for a marker.  You see, he has a certain routine of bringing in a toy catalog to the bathroom and circling the things he would love to have.

He's in there for a while and I hear lots of "Mom-look at this!"

I respond with a distracted-"Circle it-I will look at it when you are all done."

Ten minutes pass when he announces that he is "All done."  Followed by a "Look what I circled.  This is what I want for my birthday."

I peek into the bathroom and see:

He then says:  "I want poop for my birthday." Insert his juvenile giggle here.

A moment that surely would have been more appreciated by his 8 and 10yr old brothers, I still couldn't resist a smile.

Now I need to get the green Sharpie away from my son and get my hands on a Magic Eraser Sponge.

Here's to hoping your weekend is filled with unexpected creativity!


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