Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Basket full of amour

A bounty of Amour
While in France in 2008, I visited Giverny- the beloved home of Monet. Filled with bountiful color, pathways that meander through the elegant gardens, graceful butterflies and the iconic bridges, I really did feel as though I was walking through one of Monet's paintings.

Petit Amour
Naturally, after my visit I had to choose a lovely memento from the gift shop and what a beautiful gift shop it was. It was brimming with seeds packs, bird feeders.... all things for the gardener. Since I am not a green-thumb type, I fell for one of the little heart pillows that had a small embroidered design of flowers- all in the colors of the gardens I visited that day. Funny thing, as I visited the village of Giverny I found a variety of these hearts in other small museums and boutiques and couldn't resist them.  I was so drawn to these hearts that I had three in my bag by the time I left town.

I decided the Red Market would be the perfect time to make a version of these sweet, petit hearts that remind me of my visit to Giverny on that sunny day. I used some of my ephemera and  fabric swatches from Paris along with mini Eiffel Towers and other sweet charms and buttons. Many are in the quintessential red and white fabrics so reminiscent of France. Stop in and see my petit amours at our Red Market beginning on February 9th at 5:00pm.

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