Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vanves Market Ephemera Finds...

Jessica and I wandered through the Vanves Market many times during our visit to Paris. Although some of the mornings at Vanves were a bit nippy, the excitement of the search and the pure joy of interacting with the French vendors made you forget how cold it was. All the colors, all the stacks to dig through and all the vintage stuff is a goldmine for those digging for the diamond-in-the-rough! Did you know that Vanves is where we found our inspiration for our new Market cards? We meandered between other excited people and through stalls of old books, jewelry, art, curiosities and vintage interiors. Oh, if only we could have stuffed one of those arm chairs in our luggage! -- but we had to settle for smaller things. We focussed on old buttons, trims and lots and lots of old papers, postcards and magazines.

As we began preparing for our January market (starting this Thursday, January 12!), we decided this was the perfect month to focus on the joy of crafting and creating.  Along with premiering our own original rubber stamps, we have created more crafting kits for those of you who most enjoy following instructions while the loose vintage French papers, trims and buttons for those who are more into "free-stylin" it. Come in to see the very special ephemera direct from Paris. Look at the detail of the lovely trim and lace, the cute packaging of the vintage buttons and the pages of old French magazines. If nothing else, you will have a sense of what you would find at the Vanves Market.

Au revior,
Anastasia and Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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