Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unwrapping Gratitude in the New Year....

Lovingly wrapped gifts from Kate Barton
Jessica and I pinch ourselves often. We reflect upon the time when we hoped to someday work together creating.  At times it's still hard to believe that the "someday" is here and it now has a history.

Reflecting upon the New Year, it's clear that we could have never had our hopes move from our endless imaginings to Confectionique without the support of our husbands, children, family near and far and friends. We are also so grateful to our fellow creative partners who bring their talents to Confectionique each month.
It's the Crafting Sisters! Thanks Kate...we love them!

A special merci beaucoup to all those who create lovely treasures for Confectionique: The Deux Amys; AF Allison; Carla Jean and Mama Jean; Teacher Vicki; Whimsy Molly and Mama Lynn; Green Sweet Molly and Mama Mary; Generous Kate B; Marathon Runner Connie; Apron Andrea; Scissor-happy Stephanie H;  Detective Sara; Little Zozo and Fisher; Sweet Rosie and Niece Kathryn and awesome sister in law Lucy; the Crafting Brothers; and our newest, Ladies Jennifer and Linda.

Merci, merci for all the generous support from our fantastic customers who are excited every month to see our Market. Merci to Great Graphics for all their creativity. GG created the most beautiful new market cards for 2012. It's truly is a piece of "Paris-Inspired Art". Merci to our mon amie Annemarie and the entire Bloom Bake Shop group. Finally a special merci to the folks at Morey Airport: Randi, Richard, Harold and Debbie and all the rest of the gang! You put up with our noise and activities with delight and support!

All of these thank yous may sound like we won an Oscar, but we have won something even opportunity to live the creative life we both hoped for and to have all of you!

Merci Beaucoup and Happy New Year!
Anastasia and Jessica
The Crafting Sisters of Confectionique

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