Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving too fast

Yes, this is worse
Have you ever had the experience that something doesn't seem quite right when you have large amounts of air coming into your vehicle, but you thought all the windows and doors were closed?

I was in quite a hurry leaving my favorite second hand store with a trove of shelving for our Confectionique storage space redo on Sunday. I found what I needed and quickly had it rung up, quickly paid for it, quickly drove my van to the pick up dock, quickly loaded it up with the help of a sweet gal, Jenny, and quickly drove away. "Wow I'm on a roll today," I thought to myself rather proudly with my 15 minute getaway accomplishment. Then I wondered, why do I feel so much air in the van? The windows and doors were all closed. Um, did I drive away with the hatch up? Yes, I drove away with the hatch up!! I slammed on the brakes, causing all contents to fly forward, and checked the road. Whew, nothing lost, no one harmed...not even the old furniture. This kinda reminds me of the time I drove away with the nozzle still in my car with the gas still running. That didn't go quite as smoothly, but I never did it again!

Lesson # 910: Never drive away from any shop with the hatch of your van open.

This blog entry in no way relates to our having a Nuit Blanche snowed out redo, but we do hope to see you on Thursday, January 19th  for our make-up party from 5-8:00pm!

Au revoir

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