Saturday, January 28, 2012

Framing Paris

Framing little bits of Paris
 I don't think I've ever captured the real magic of Paris in any photograph. Sure, I've snapped probably hundreds of lovely photos over the years, but nothing that truly captured the beauty of the City of Lights. Paris is to be taken in by all the senses, which is the reason photos fall short, but I'm never disappointed.  The plethora of pictures I've loaded into the memory of my digital camera over the years have framed my Paris memories, that and all the lovely creations I've crafted with those memories.

The sweet petite feve
I've brought home many little collections for myself and my loved ones, and now that I have Confectionique, it gives me an excuse to frame the delights of Paris for other like-minded folks.

I will have these framed bits of Paris at our Red Market in February. The petite frames will hold the cute and curious of Paris that I picked up during my last visit. If you could frame your favorite place, what would you include?  How would you want to convey your memories? Stop in to see how I conjured up Paris for you, beginning at our Nuit Blanche market on Thursday, February 9 from 5-8:00pm!

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